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Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture Reference for Oracle Unified Directory 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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1.  Introduction

2.  The Directory Server Access Control Model

3.  Understanding the Directory Server Schema

4.  Directory Server Index Databases

5.  Directory Server Replication

Overview of the Directory Server Replication Architecture

Basic Replication Architecture

Replication Servers

Replication Change Numbers

Replication Server State

Operation Dependencies

How Replication Works

Replication Initialization

Directory Server Change Processing

Replication Server Selection

Replication Server Selection Algorithm

Replication Server Load Balancing

Change Replay

Auto Repair

Directory Server Crashes

Replication Server Crashes

Historical Information and Conflict Resolution

What is a Replication Conflict?

Resolving Modify Conflicts

Resolving Naming Conflicts

Purging Historical Information

Schema Replication

Schema Replication Architecture

Replication Status

Replication Status Definitions

Degraded Status

Full Update Status and Bad Generation ID Status

Replication Groups

Assured Replication

Assured Replication Modes

Safe Data Mode

Safe Read Mode

Safe Read Mode and Replication Groups

Assured Replication Connection Algorithm

Assured Replication and Replication Status

Assured Replication Monitoring

Fractional Replication

Fractional Data Set Identification

Fractional Replication Filtering

Fractional Replication and Local Operations

External Change Log

How the External Change Log Works

Porting Applications That Rely on Other Change Logs

Differences Between the ECL and the LDAP Change Log Draft

Index Differences

DIT and Schema Differences

Additional Differences Between the ECL and the Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Retro Change Log

API for Compatibility With the LDAP Change Log Draft and the Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Retro Change Log

Limitations of the Compability API

6.  Directory Server Root Users and the Privilege Subsystem

7.  Supported Controls and Operations

Chapter 5

Directory Server Replication

Directory server replication uses a loosely consistent multi-master model. All directory servers that are part of a replication topology can accept read and write operations.

The following architectural topics are targeted at developers and at users who want to understand the internals of the replication mechanism. It is not necessary to read these topics just to be able to use replication. For information about configuring and using replication, see Chapter 8, Replicating Directory Data, in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Unified Directory.

The following topics describe the architecture of the directory server replication functionality.