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Sun QFS and Sun Storage Archive Manager 5.3 Reference Manual     Sun QFS and Sun Storage Archive Manager 5.3 Information Library
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1.  User Commands (Man Pages Section 1)

2.  Maintenance Commands (Man Pages Section 1M)

3.  Library Functions (Man Pages Section 3)

4.  Library Functions (Man Pages Section 3X)

5.  File Formats (Man Pages Section 4)

6.  Standards, Environment, and Macros (Man Pages Section 5)

7.  Device and Network Interfaces (Man Pages Section 7)















     ibm3494 - The IBM3494 interface through lmcpd


     ibm3494 is the Sun QFS and SAM-QFS interface to the IBM 3494
     library.   This  interface utilizes the lmcpd interface sup-
     plied by IBM.  For more  information  on  configuration  and
     interfacing  the  IBM  libraries, see the documentation sup-
     plied with the IBM hardware and for lmcpd.

     It is assumed that the site has the lmcpd daemon  configured
     and operating with the 3494 library.

     The "equipment identifier"  field  in  the  mcf  file,  (see
     mcf(4)),  is the full path name to a parameters file used by
     ibm3494.   This  file  consists  of  keyword  =  value   and
     path_name  =  value pairs.  All keyword/path_name/values are

     The keywords are:

     name    This is the name assigned by the system  administra-
             tor  and configured in the /etc/ibmatl.conf file and
             the symbolic name of the  library.   This  parameter
             must be supplied, there is no default.

             The category is a  hex  number  between  0x0001  and
             0xfeff.  Media controlled by Sun QFS or SAM-QFS will
             have its category set to this  value.   The  default
             for category is 4.

     access  Access to the library may be shared or private.   If
             private,  then  any  media imported into the library
             (category = 0xff00) will be added to the catalog and
             its  category  will  be changed to that specified by
             category above.  If shared, then the import  command
             (see  import(1M))  will have to be used to add media
             to the catalog.  The default for access is private.

             There is one device_path_name entry for every  drive
             in  the library attached to this machine.  This name
             must match the Equipment Identifier of an  entry  in
             the mcf file.  Following the device_path_name is the
             "device number" as described in the  IBM  documenta-
             tion.   The  system administrator can determine this
             number by running the IBM  supplied  utility  mtlib.

             Following the device number is the shared parameter.
             This parameter is optional and is used  to  indicate
             the  drive  is  shared with other Sun QFS or SAM-QFS
             servers. See examples below.

     The example uses the following file and information obtained
     from  the IBM supplied utility mtlib. Both are documented in
     the materials supplied by IBM.

     # This is file: /etc/ibmatl.conf
     # Set this file up according the documentation supplied by IBM.
     3493a  test1

     After lmcpd is running, run mtlib to get the device numbers.

          mtlib -l 3493a -D
            0, 00145340 003590B1A00
            1, 00145350 003590B1A01

     Here is a sample parameters file and mcf entries for  a  IBM
     3494 library.

          # This is parameters file /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/ibm60.
          name = 3493a                     # From /etc/ibmatl.conf
          /dev/rmt/1bn = 00145340          # From mtlib output
          /dev/rmt/2bn = 00145350 shared   # From mtlib output
          category = 5

          # These are the mcf file entries.
          # IBM 3494 library
          /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/ibm60 60   im   ibm3494e - ibmcat
          /dev/rmt/1bn             61   tp   ibm3494e
          /dev/rmt/2bn             62   tp   ibm3494e

     Import media into the library by placing the new media  into
     the  I/O  slots and closing the door.  The library will lock
     the door and move the media into the storage area. Only  100
     volumes  can  be  imported  at one time.  If you are running
     with access=private, the library will inform the  daemon  as
     the  media is moved and the media will be added to the cata-
     log.  If running with access=shared,  then  an  import  (see
     import(1M))  command  will  need  to  be executed to add the
     media to the catalog.

     Exporting media (in all modes) is performed  by  the  export
     (see  export(1M)) command.  This command will move the media
     to the I/O area and the output mode light  on  the  operator
     panel  will  light.   The operator can then remove the media
     from the I/O area.

     If running with access=shared then a catalog will need to be
     built  before  starting  Sun  QFS or SAM-QFS.  There are two
     utilities used to maintain the library  catalog.   build_cat
     (see  build_cat(1M)) is used to build the catalog.  dump_cat
     (see dump_cat(1M)) and build_cat together are used to change
     the size of the catalog.

     To initialize a catalog with 1000 slots run:

          build_cat /tmp/catalog_file < /dev/null

     then move /tmp/catalog_file to the path pointed  to  in  the
     mcf    file    for    this    library.     (In   this   case
     /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/catalog/ibmcat).  Use import to  populate
     the  catalog  with  the  volumes.  Or, you can create a file
     with the list of volumes and supply it as input to build_cat
     (see build_cat(1M) for the format of the input file).

     If the size of the catalog needs to  be  increased,  execute
     something like:

          dump_cat file1 | build_cat -s 2000 /tmp/file2

     This would create a new catalog file (/tmp/file2) with  room
     for  2000  entries  and  initialize it with the entries from
     file1.  This can only be done when the Sun  QFS  or  SAM-QFS
     software  is not running and sam-amld has been shutdown (see

     mcf                           The configuration file for the
                                   Sun QFS and SAM-QFS software.

     /etc/ibmatl.conf              Configuration  file  used   by

                                   A shared object version of the
                                   runtime  library  supplied  by

     build_cat(1M), dump_cat(1M),  export(1M),  import(1M),  sam-