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Sun QFS and Sun Storage Archive Manager 5.3 Reference Manual     Sun QFS and Sun Storage Archive Manager 5.3 Information Library
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1.  User Commands (Man Pages Section 1)

2.  Maintenance Commands (Man Pages Section 1M)

3.  Library Functions (Man Pages Section 3)

4.  Library Functions (Man Pages Section 3X)

5.  File Formats (Man Pages Section 4)

6.  Standards, Environment, and Macros (Man Pages Section 5)

7.  Device and Network Interfaces (Man Pages Section 7)















     ibm3584 - Describes using the IBM 3584 UltraScalable Tape
     Library with Sun QFS or SAM-QFS software


     The IBM 3584 UltraScalable tape library can be used by Sun
     QFS and SAM-QFS software with few modifications to its
     typical operations.  This man page describes the steps you
     need to take to use this library effectively.  The following
     topics are described:

     o Cleaning

     o Using the IBM 3584 tape library's partitioning feature

     The IBM 3584 UltraScalable Tape Library can be used in a Sun
     QFS or SAM-QFS environment, but you need to disable
     automatic cleaning and enable hosted cleaning.  No other
     modifications need to be made to this library's default

     Host cleaning enables the host to detect the need to clean
     an Ultrium Tape Drive and to control the cleaning process.
     Host cleaning with a cleaning cartridge is only supported
     when you disable automatic cleaning and only for the logical
     library in which each cleaning cartridge is stored.  When
     you enable automatic cleaning, or when the cleaning
     cartridge is stored in a different logical library, the host
     application does not have access to the cleaning cartridge.

     When automatic cleaning is disabled, the library continues
     to detect the need to clean a tape drive.  When the need is
     detected, the library displays the physical location of the
     drive in the following message:

               CLEAN [Fx,Rzz]

     The preceding message is interpreted as follows:

     o F represents the frame, and x represents its number

     o R represents the row, and xx represents its number

     The message clears after you clean the drive by using the
     supported cleaning method.  The cleaning cycle takes less
     than 2 minutes.

     When you enable or disable automatic cleaning, the selected
     setting is stored in nonvolatile memory and becomes the
     default during later power-on cycles.

     To disable automatic cleaning, perform the following steps:

     1. Ensure that a cleaning cartridge is loaded in the

     2. From the library's activity screen, press MENU.  The main
        menu displays, as follows:

        Main Menu           Panel 0002

        Library Status
        Manual Operations
        Usage Statistics
        Vital Product Data

        [BACK]  [UP]  [DOWN]  [ENTER]

     3. Press UP and DOWN to highlight Settings.  Press ENTER.
        The Settings menu displays, as follows:
        Settings             Panel 0100

        Cleaning Mode
        Display/Change SCSI IDs
        Add/Remove Control Paths

        [BACK]  [UP]  [DOWN]  [ENTER]

     4. Press UP or DOWN to highlight Cleaning Mode.  Press
        ENTER.  The Cleaning Mode screen displays and indicates
        whether automatic cleaning is currently enabled or
        Cleaning Mode        Panel 0110

        Automatic Cleaning is ENABLED
        Disable Automatic Cleaning

        [BACK]  [ENTER]

     5. The ENTER key acts as a toggle switch for the two
        choices.  Press ENTER until Disable Automatic Cleaning is
        highlighted.  You should receive the following message:

        If you continue you will set the Automatic Cleaning Mode
        to DISABLED.  If you disable automatic cleaning you
        should ensure that each logical library has at least one
        cleaning cartridge since host-initiated cleaning can not
        use a cleaning cartridge located in a different logical
        library.  Do you want to continue?

     6. Press YES to disable automatic cleaning.  The Cleaning
        Mode screen redisplays with the new setting.

     7. Press BACK until you return to the Activity screen from
        step 1.

     If your IBM 3584 tape library contains 2 or more drives, it
     can be partitioned into 2 or more logical libraries.  If you
     have partitioned this library, make sure that it is
     operating as you configured it prior to installing any Sun
     QFS or SAM-QFS software.  For more information on
     partitioning this library, see your IBM documentation.  This
     subsection describes aspects of using the partitioning
     feature with the Sun QFS and SAM-QFS software.

     When a cartridge is exported (as opposed to being placed in
     the drawer by a human), only the partition from which it was
     exported can access that drawer slot.  If the cartridge is
     removed and re-inserted by a human, it is accessable to
     any/all partitions.  The act of removal referred to in this
     subsection consists of the following steps:

     1. Open door.

     2. Remove cartridge(s).

     3. Close door.

     4. Wait for door to lock and then unlock.

     5. Open door.

     6. Replace cartridge(s).

     7. Close door.

     Much of the text on this man page was derived from the IBM
     3584 UltraScalable Tape Library Planning and Operator Guide,
     IBM publication GA32-0408-01, copyright IBM Corporation

     IBM 3584 UltraScalable Tape Library Planning and Operator
     Guide, IBM publication GA32-0408-01.