Package atg.b2bcommerce.order.processor

Class Summary
B2BProcLoadRelationshipObjects This processor loads the Relationship objects from the OrderRepository into the B2BOrder object.
ProcLoadCostCenterObjects This processor loads the CostCenter objects from the OrderRepository into the Order object.
ProcSaveCostCenterObjects This processor saves the CostCenter objects into the OrderRepository from the Order object.
ProcSendScheduledOrderMessage sends scheduled order submit messages
ProcSetCostCenterAmount This processor determines the values that need to be set into the amount field of a CostCenter.
ProcValidateCostCenter Validate a single Cost Center at checkout time.
ProcValidateCostCentersForCheckout This processor validates CostCenters before checking an Order out.
ProcValidateInvoiceRequest Validate a single instance of the InvoiceRequest payment group at checkout time.
ValidateCostCenterPipelineArgs ValidateCostCenterPipelineArgs provides a dictionary for storing arguments to the pipeline processors that validate cost centers, and includes convenience methods for looking up well-known names within that dictionary.