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Adding and Updating Oracle Solaris 11 Software Packages     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to the Image Packaging System

2.  IPS Graphical User Interfaces

3.  Getting Information About Software Packages

4.  Installing and Updating Software Packages

5.  Configuring Installed Images

Configuring Publishers

Displaying Publisher Information

Adding, Modifying, or Removing Package Publishers

Locking Packages to a Specified Version

Marking Packages To Be Avoided

Controlling Installation of Optional Components

Displaying a Variant

Changing a Variant

Displaying a Facet

Changing a Facet

Updating an Image

Configuring Image and Publisher Properties

Boot Environment Policy Image Properties

Properties For Signing Packages

Image Properties for Signed Packages

Publisher Properties for Signed Packages

Configuring Package Signature Properties

Additional Image Properties

Setting Image Properties

Displaying the Values of Image Properties

Setting the Value of an Image Property

Resetting the Value of an Image Property

Creating an Image

Viewing Operation History

Creating an Image

An image is a location where IPS packages and their associated files, directories, links, and dependencies can be installed, and where other IPS operations can be performed.

An image can be one of three types:

/usr/bin/pkg image-create [-FPUfz] [--force]
    [--full | --partial | --user] [--zone]
    [-k ssl_key] [-c ssl_cert]
    [--no-refresh] [--variant variant_spec=instance ...]
    [-g path_or_uri | --origin path_or_uri ...]
    [-m uri | --mirror uri ...]
    [--facet facet_spec=(True|False) ...]
    [(-p | --publisher) [name=]repo_uri] dir

At the location given by dir, create an image suitable for package operations. The default image type is user (-U or --user). The image type can be set to a full image (-F or --full) or to a partial image (-P or --partial) linked to the full image enclosing the given dir path.

To run the new image in a non-global zone context, use the -z or --zone option to set an appropriate variant.

A package repository URI must be provided using the -p or --publisher option. If a publisher name is also provided, then only that publisher is added when the image is created. If a publisher name is not provided, then all publishers known by the specified repository are added to the image. An attempt to retrieve the catalog associated with this publisher is made following the initial creation operations.

Use the -g option to specify additional origins. Use the -m option to specify mirrors.

For publishers using client SSL authentication, use the -c or -k options to register a client key and client certificate. This key and certificate are used for all publishers added during image creation.

Use the -f option to force the creation of an image over an existing image. Use this option with caution.

When you specify the -no-refresh option, the repositories for the image's publishers are not contacted to retrieve the newest list of available packages and other metadata.

Use the --variant option to set the specified variant to the indicated value. Use the --facet option to set the specified facet to the indicated value.