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Adding and Updating Oracle Solaris 11 Software Packages     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to the Image Packaging System

2.  IPS Graphical User Interfaces

3.  Getting Information About Software Packages

4.  Installing and Updating Software Packages

5.  Configuring Installed Images

Configuring Publishers

Displaying Publisher Information

Adding, Modifying, or Removing Package Publishers

Locking Packages to a Specified Version

Marking Packages To Be Avoided

Controlling Installation of Optional Components

Displaying a Variant

Changing a Variant

Displaying a Facet

Changing a Facet

Updating an Image

Configuring Image and Publisher Properties

Boot Environment Policy Image Properties

Properties For Signing Packages

Image Properties for Signed Packages

Publisher Properties for Signed Packages

Configuring Package Signature Properties

Additional Image Properties

Setting Image Properties

Displaying the Values of Image Properties

Setting the Value of an Image Property

Resetting the Value of an Image Property

Creating an Image

Viewing Operation History

Marking Packages To Be Avoided

Use the pkg avoid command to avoid the specified packages if they are the target of a group dependency.

/usr/bin/pkg avoid [pkg_fmri_pattern ...]

With no arguments, the pkg avoid command displays each avoided package along with any packages that have a group dependency on that package.

With pkg_fmri_pattern specified, the pkg avoid command places the package names that currently match the specified patterns on the avoid list. Only packages that are not currently installed can be avoided. If a package is currently the target of a group dependency, uninstalling the package places it on the avoid list.

If a package is on the avoid list, installing it removes it from that list. Packages that are on the avoid list are installed if needed to satisfy a required dependency. If that dependency is removed, the package is uninstalled.

Use the pkg unavoid command to remove the specified packages from the avoid list.

/usr/bin/pkg unavoid [pkg_fmri_pattern ...]

Packages on the avoid list that match an installed package's group dependency cannot be removed from the avoid list using this subcommand. To remove a package from the avoid list that matches a group dependency, install the package.