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Oracle Solaris 11 Accessibility Guide for the GNOME Desktop     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Accessibility

2.  Using Assistive Technologies

3.  Configuring the Mouse and Keyboard

4.  Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Desktop

Introduction to Keyboard Navigation

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating the Desktop Background

Navigating Panels

To Move a Panel Object

Navigating Drawers

Navigating Menus on Panels

Navigating Panel Applications

Navigating Your Workspaces

Navigating Windows

Giving Focus to a Window

Controlling a Window

Moving a Window

Resizing a Window

Navigating Paned Windows

Navigating Applications

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Applications

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Dialogs

Navigating the File Manager

Navigating Folders

Navigating the Side Pane

Navigating HTML Content in Caret Navigation Mode

Navigating Standard Elements and Controls

Navigating Menus

Navigating Buttons

Navigating Radio Buttons

Navigating Check Boxes

Navigating Text Boxes

Navigating Spin Boxes

Navigating Drop-Down Lists

Navigating Drop-Down Combination Boxes

Navigating Sliders

Navigating Tabbed Sections

Navigating Lists

Navigating Trees

Customizing Your Keyboard Shortcuts

To Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

To Disable a Keyboard Shortcut

5.  Customizing the Appearance of the Desktop

6.  System Administration


Navigating Your Workspaces

A workspace is a discrete area in which you can work. You can have many workspaces on your desktop and you can switch from one workspace to another. Each workspace can contain different windows and processes. The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate workspaces.

Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys
Gives focus to the next or previous workspace. This keyboard shortcut displays a pop-up window with icons that represent the workspaces. Press and hold Ctrl+Alt and continue to press the arrow keys to switch the focus between the workspaces.

You can customize this keyboard shortcut.

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys
Moves the window that has focus to the next or previous workspace.

You can customize this keyboard shortcut.