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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: Fortran User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

1.1 Standards Conformance

1.2 Features of the Fortran Compiler

1.3 Other Fortran Utilities

1.4 Debugging Utilities

1.5 Sun Performance Library

1.6 Interval Arithmetic

1.7 Man Pages

1.8 Command-Line Help

2.  Using Solaris Studio Fortran

3.  Fortran Compiler Options

4.  Solaris Studio Fortran Features and Extensions

5.  FORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Solaris Studio Fortran

A.  Runtime Error Messages

B.  Features Release History

C.  Fortran Directives Summary


1.5 Sun Performance Library

The Sun Performance Library is a library of optimized subroutines and functions for computational linear algebra and Fourier transforms. It is based on the standard libraries LAPACK, BLAS1, BLAS2, BLAS3, FFTPACK, VFFTPACK, and LINPACK generally available through Netlib (

Each subprogram in the Sun Performance Library performs the same operation and has the same interface as the standard library versions, but is generally much faster and accurate and can be used in a multiprocessing environment.

See the Sun Performance Library User’s Guide for details. (Man pages for the performance library routines are in section 3P.)