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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: Fortran User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

2.  Using Solaris Studio Fortran

3.  Fortran Compiler Options

4.  Solaris Studio Fortran Features and Extensions

5.  FORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Solaris Studio Fortran

A.  Runtime Error Messages

B.  Features Release History

C.  Fortran Directives Summary

C.1 General Fortran Directives

C.2 Special Fortran Directives

C.3 Fortran OpenMP Directives


C.2 Special Fortran Directives

The following directives are only available with f95. See 4.8.2 FIXED and FREE Directives for details.

Table C-2 Special Fortran Directives

!DIR$ directive : initial line

!DIR$& ... : continuation line

With fixed-format source, C is also accepted as a directive-indicator:

CDIR$ directive...

The line must start in column 1. With free-format source, the line may be preceded by blanks.

FIXED/FREE Directives

These directives specify the source format of the lines following the directive. They apply to the rest of the source file in which they appear, up to the next FREE or FIXED directive.


Assert that the following DO, FORALL, or WHERE loop is free of loop-carried dependences, and can be optimized. Interpretation determined by the -xivdep option. See 2.3.3 IVDEP Directive