Oracle Enterprise Manager provides the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your Oracle Exadata Database Machine. With a consolidated view of the Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a consolidated view of all the hardware components and their physical location with indications of status. Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides a software view of the databases residing on it and their resource consumption on compute node and Exadata Storage Cell.

This document provides the installation and administration instructions to set up Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor and manage your Oracle Exadata Database Machine.


This system monitoring installation guide is for users who perform administrative and problem-resolution tasks on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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What's Changed

This table provides a brief overview of the document changes for the latest publication of the Oracle® Enterprise Manager Exadata Management Getting Started Guide:

Part Number Change Summary
E27442-13 Updated supported Exadata Storage Server software versions. See New Features and Enhancements for Oracle Exadata Plug-in

Added a new Certified Exadata Plug-in Versions section.

Added a new Enhanced MIB Incompatibility section.

E27442-12 Corrected the command to set the snmpSubscriber value in Configure SNMP Values Using dbmcli.

Updated the ILOM user ID test step for the Exadata X5-2 in Create a Database Server ILOM Service Processor User.

E27442-11 Updated the "SPARC SuperCluster" product name to be "Oracle SuperCluster."

Added content for support of Virtualized Exadata Database Machine.

Added information about Exadata Metrics collected for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

The includes additional Exadata hardware and software support. See New Features and Enhancements for Oracle Exadata Plug-in