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1 Understanding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

2 Before You Begin the Upgrade

3 Working with the Deployment Server

4 Working with the Platform Pack on the IBM i

5 Working with the Installation Planner for an Upgrade

6 Working With Installation Workbench

7 Working With the Enterprise Server

8 Installing the Development Clients for Developers and System Administrators

9 Performing Merges

10 Understanding Media Object Queues

11 Performing Post Upgrade Tasks

12 Working With Signon Security

13 Manual Table Conversions

14 Building and Testing Packages

15 Upgrading the Production Environment

16 Retrofitting Custom Modifications

17 Troubleshooting

18 Performing a Data-Only Upgrade

19 Creating a Remote Installation Plan

20 Adding a Server to an Existing Configuration

21 Creating a Language-Only Installation Plan

22 FTP on the IBM i

23 Understanding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Directory Structures

24 Major Technical Tables

25 Working with Reports

26 Understanding Data Source Charts

27 Deinstalling the Software

A Understanding IBM i Databases