99 Purge A/R Information

This chapter contains these topics:

To reduce the size of your A/R tables and conserve system disk space, purge your A/R information periodically.


From Accounts Receivable (G03), enter 27

From A/R Advanced and Technical Operations (G0331), choose an option under the A/R Purge heading

99.1 Purging Closed A/R Records

To reduce the amount of records in your A/R ledger, purge your closed A/R records. Purging closed A/R records:

  • Removes the closed records from the A/R Ledger table (F0311) if:

    • The G/L date of the transaction is on or before the "as of" date set in the processing options.

    • The open amount is zero.

    • The transaction is posted.

    • The Number of Payments (Recurring Invoices) is equal to zero.

  • Copies purged records to the Purge - A/R Ledger table (F0311P)

For reporting purposes, you can keep the purge table on your system or copy it to another medium, such as a diskette or tape. If you keep it on your system and you purge again, the system adds newly purged records to the existing table.


When you run this program ensure that you type the correct purge date before you press Enter. If you accidentally submit a purge for processing, put the job on hold and contact your system administrator.

99.1.1 Before You Begin

  • Coordinate when you run the purge programs for all the systems that you use.

  • Back up the A/R Ledger table.

  • Be careful not to purge A/R ledger information that may be needed by other systems, such as Sales Order Processing or Contract/Service Billing.

99.1.2 After the Purge

After records are copied to the A/R Purge file, they are deleted from the A/R Detail file. Space will not be regained on your system until the A/R Detail file (F0311) is "reorganized" and the A/R Purge files have been moved to tape or diskette. The reorganization procedure removes the space created by deleted records in the file and orders the existing records based on your request. Reorganize Files (P98999) is a technical program that should only be executed by the system administrator.

Since records for multiple years could be written to the F0311P file, you could rename this file to differentiate it from A/R transactions purged with different G/L dates. If the file remains in your library and the purge is run again, records will be added to the end of the file. Once the purge is complete, it is recommended to copy the purged file to a different library, or to a tape or diskette. If you are copying them to another media, remember to clear the data in the purge files left on your system.

99.1.3 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Purging associated journal entries When you purge A/R records, the system does not purge associated journal entries. This will cause out of balance batches to show on the A/R to G/L by Batch integrity. Contact your system administrator to develop a program to purge the Account Ledger table (F0911).
Purging batch header records To purge batch header records from the Batch Control table (F0011), run the Batch to Detail & Out of Balance integrity report.

See Locating Out-of-Balance Conditions in the JD Edwards World General Accounting II Guide.

Removing tables of purged records To remove the tables of purged records from your system, use IBM AS/400 commands to copy the tables to another medium and then delete them from your system.

99.1.5 Data Selection and Sequence for Purge Closed A/R Records

To prevent the system from purging recurring invoices, set the Number of Payments field to equal (EQ) Zero.

To avoid unpredictable results while purging, do not change the following data sequence:

  1. Document Company

  2. Document Number

  3. Document Type

99.2 Purging Batch Receipts

To remove posted receipt records from your A/R system, purge batch receipts.

Purging batch receipts removes posted receipts from the Batch A/R Receipt Application table (F0312). You can copy the purged records to a purge table and then move the purge table to a diskette or tape and delete it from your hard drive. This lets you regain disk space and still access the purged records, if necessary.

This purge uses a specific version of the P00PURGE program (ZJDE0009) that is set up to purge the F0312.

99.2.1 Before You Begin

  • Back up the A/R Ledger and Batch A/R Receipt Application tables.