19 Generate Timecards for Accumulated Wages

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19.1 Generating Timecards for Accumulated Wages


From Payroll Master (G07), choose Interims and Special Post

From Interims and Special Post (G0721), choose Generate Accumulated Wages Timecards

Some organizations have employees who work for a specific number of contract days but prefer to receive payment over a different length of time. Employees may accumulate wages earned in the current pay period and hold them to be paid at a later date. For example, many school systems contract instructional staff for 9 months with the option to be paid over 12 months. Only employees with contract calendars attached to their master record can accumulate wages.

Use this program to generate timecards for payment information when an individual terminates employment or for any other reason when the employee needs to be paid off for accumulated wages. If you process an interim payment for a pay-off, you must enter yes to include time data already entered.

If previous, current, or new contract calendars have overlapping dates, you should generate the timecards for accumulated wages at the end of a contract before updating employee records with the new contract calendar. Inaccurate pay-off or accumulated wages might occur if you do not generate the timecards before updating a new contract calendar that overlaps with the previous or current contract calendar.

To generate timecards for accumulated wages during the regular payroll processing, you do not need to run this program. Instead, you should set the system to create timecards for accumulated wages during the final update in payroll processing.

19.1.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Insufficient hours accumulated If an employee does not have enough hours accumulated to cover a pay period, the system produces an exception report. It includes only the actual hours accumulated on the timecard.
Accumulated wages remaining The system stores accumulated wage information in the Accumulated Wage History table (F0628). The system continues to create payments for any accumulated wages remaining unless you purge the history table.

19.1.3 Data Selection

Select the employee(s) whose timecards you want to generate.