Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Common Application Calendar

Oracle Common Application Calendar Overview

Dependencies and Integration Points

Oracle Common Application Calendar Dependencies

Implementation Overview

Overview of Implementing Oracle Common Application Calendar
Implementing Notes in Oracle Applications Framework
Implementing Tasks in Oracle Applications Framework
Implementing Calendar in Oracle Applications Framework

Implementing Task Manager

Overview of Task Manager

Task Manager Common Steps

Defining Task Types
Defining Task Statuses and Status Transition Rules
      Defining Task Statuses
      Defining Task Status Transition Rules
      Defining Status Transition Rules
      Associating the Profile Option with the Rules
      Denormalizing Open Status Column into Task Table
Defining Task Priorities
Mapping Task References to a Source
Setting Profile Options
Running the Task Manager Concurrent Program
Subscribing to Task Business Events
Customizing Task Security
Personalization Notes

Setting Up Task Manager Additional Steps

Mapping Task Assignee Types to a Source (OA Only)
Defining Task Date Types (Forms Only)
Registering Task Mass Reassignment Screen (HTML Only)

Working with Task Templates (Forms Only)

Designing Task Templates
How to Create Task Template Groups
Defining Template Details

Customizing Tasks Security

Task Security Overview
How Does the AOL Security Model Work?
Security Model for Tasks in Forms and Oracle Applications Framework for Resource Assignments
Business Process Change to Support VPD Security Model
Customizing Tasks Data Security
Setting the Security Profile Option
Customizing the List of Values Security Access
Customizing the List of Values Security for HTML Tasks
      JTF Object
      Other Seeding Strategy
      Creating Privilege (Function) and Role (Menu)
      Registering LOV Object Data
      Creating Global Grants
      Customizing Resource LOV
Defining Object Instance Sets
Disabling Existing Grants
Adding New Grants
Customizing the Resource List of Values Security for Tasks in Oracle Applications Framework and Forms
      Task Resource LOV Security Seeding Strategy
      Impact on Existing HTML Tasks
      Uptake Instructions
      Uptake with Standard Task Resource Security
      Uptake with Product Specific (Non-Standard) Resource Security
      Uptake Considerations
Granting Manager-Directs Security Access
Customizing Manager-Directs Security Access
Defining Resource Group Hierarchy
Granting Security Access to Relevant Resources

Troubleshooting Task Manager

Quick Find
Concurrent Program Error
Task Creation Error
Notifications Not Sent
Workflow Notification Launch
Invalid UOM
View Message
LOVs in JTT Task
No Client Time Zone Times
Task Owner Access
Close Service Request
Contact E-mail
Search Error
Can't Update Task
Note Save Automatically

Implementing Escalation Manager

Escalation Manager Overview
Setting Escalation Manager Profile Options
Starting the Background Workflow Process
Setting Escalation Lookup Codes
Setting Up Escalation Status
Defining Escalation Reference Codes
Defining Escalation Reason Codes
Subscribing to Escalation Business Events
Subscribing to Create Escalation
Subscribing to Update Escalation
Subscribing to Delete Escalation
Subscribing to Create Escalation Reference
Subscribing to Update Escalation Reference
Subscribing to Delete Escalation Reference

Troubleshooting Escalation Manager

Troubleshooting Tips
Escalation Implementation Error Messages

Implementing Notes

Notes Overview
Setting Up Note Types
Mapping Note Types to a Source
Defining Notes Reference Mapping
Setting Notes Profile Options
Subscribing to Note Business Events

Customizing HTML Notes Security

Customizing Notes Security
HTML Notes Security Overview
Steps for Customizing HTML Notes Security
Defining Object Instance Sets
Defining Menus
Disabling Existing Grants
Adding New Grants

Troubleshooting Notes

Notes Error Messages
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Calendar Implementation

Overview of Calendar in Oracle Applications Framework
HTML Calendar Overview
Forms-based Calendar Overview
Creating a Calendar User
Setting Calendar Profile Options
Starting Workflow Processes
Integrating with Web Mail

Implementing the Oracle Applications Framework Based Calendar

Subscribing to Business Events for Appointments

Implementing Resource Schedules in Forms

Defining Resource Schedules
Defining Availability
Defining Unavailability as Exceptions
Using the Assign Shift and Exceptions Window
Assigning a Resource to a Calendar

Implementing Resource Schedules in OA

Creating Categories for Shifts and Exceptions
Setting Up Global Exceptions
Setting Up Shift Detail Types
Schedule Category Lookup

Implementing the HTML Calendar

Creating or Changing a Calendar Administrator
      Changing a Calendar Administrator
Implementing Calendar Events
Subscribing to Business Events for Appointments
Running Concurrent Program

Implementing OA Calendar Synchronization

Overview of Calendar Synchronization
      Oracle Sales Synchronization
Enabling Outlook Preferences Menu
Set Up and Synchronize Employees
Data Quality Management Setup
Setting Mandatory Profile Options
Setting Optional Profile Options
Appointment Preferences
User Security
Purge Synchronization Data Concurrent Program
Attributes Mapping for Outlook Synchronization
      Appointment Attribute Mapping
      Task Attribute Mapping
      Contact Attribute Mapping
Checking Synchronization Server Status
Diagnostic Logs

Assignment Manager Implementation Overview

Assignment Manager Overview
Assignment Manager Implementing Steps

Implementing Assignment Manager

Setting Assignment Manager Profile Options
Setting Up Other Dependencies
Configuring Color Coded Tasks
Customizing the Assignment Manager UI
      Supported Document Types
      UI Layout Rules
      Customization Guidelines
      Customizing the UI Examples
      Backward Compatibility
Setting Up Enhanced Planning Options
      Case 1
      Case 2
      Case 3
Skills-based Filtering
      Search Rules
      Search Rules Examples
      Supported Document Types
      Business Rules
      Service Request Examples
      Task Examples
      Backwards Compatibility Considerations
      Customization Guidelines
      Seeded Data
Self-testing Framework
      Assignment Manager Test form
      Setting up the Test Form
      Document Type Behavior
Support for Excluded Resources
      Filtering Excluded Resources from Install Base and Contracts
      Business Rules
      User Interface Functionality
      Backward Compatibility
Subscribing to Assignment Manager Business Events
Using Business Events to Generate Custom Logic
      Workflow Background Information
      Subscribed Function to event
      Use Case: Get Preferred/Qualified Resources for a SR Task
      Backward Compatibility

Troubleshooting Assignment Manager

Common Implementation Errors for Assignment Manager
      Unable to Find Resources
      Displaying Start and End Date Time Incorrectly for a Selected Resource
      Returning Individual Resources for a Group Owner
Error Messages for Assignment Manager
Troubleshooting Tips for Assignment Manager
Troubleshooting Tips for Gantt
      Common Issues
      General Advice
      Gantt Chart Does Not Appear
      Cannot Connect to TCF Server
      Unable to Connect to the TCF Server
      Unable to Connect to the Database
      Application Hangs Upon Connecting to the TCF Server
      No Resources Are Visible
      View the JInitiator Console Window Error Messages
      Consult the TCF Server Log
      Verify the TCF Server Status
      TCF Server and Forms Server Mode
Gantt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Business Rule Monitor Implementation Overview

Business Rule Monitor Overview
Business Rule Monitor Implementation Steps

Set Up Business Rules

Setting Up the Business Rule Monitor
Defining the Business Rule Monitor Workflow Administrator
Setting Business Rule Monitor Profile Options
Starting the Background Workflow Processes

Administering Business Rules

Creating a New Business Rule
Enabling a Business Rule
Verifying an Escalation Territory
Starting the Business Rule Monitor

Troubleshooting the Business Rule Monitor

Troubleshooting Tips
General Tips for Defining Rules
Stopping the Business Rule Monitor
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Setting Up Metadata Objects
Setting Up the Source Object Code and Context

Profile Options

Before You Begin
Common Application Calendar Profile Options

Concurrent Programs

About Concurrent Programs
Running Concurrent Programs
Common Application Calendar Concurrent Programs

Customizing Oracle Common Application Calendar

Oracle Common Application Calendar User-Personalizable Pages
Oracle Common Application Calendar Admin-Personalizable Pages
Extending Oracle Common Application Calendar BC4J Objects