Oracle Partner Management Implementation and Administration Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Partner Management

Oracle Partner Management Overview
Oracle Partner Management Key Features
Partner Dashboard
Channel Manager Dashboard
Partner Profiling
Programs and Enrollment
Opportunity Management
Referral Management
Deal Registration
Special Pricing Management
Partner Funds Management
Partner Locator
Users and Security

Dependencies and Integration Points

Overview of Dependencies and Integration Points
      Setting up the Oracle Applications Organizational Structure
      Setting up an Internal Organization
      Setting up Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
      Setting Up Application Object Library
      Setting Up General Ledger
      Setting Up Oracle Inventory
      Setting Up Product Hub
      Setting Up Oracle Receivables
      Setting Up MOAC
Optional Integrations
      Oracle Advanced Pricing
      Oracle Approvals Management
      Oracle Content Manager
      Oracle Contracts
      Oracle Data Quality Management
      Oracle Payment
      Oracle iStore
      Oracle Marketing
      Oracle Order Management
      Oracle Quoting
      Oracle Sales
      Oracle TeleSales
      Oracle Trade Management
      Oracle Workflow Builder

Setting Up Vendor Users

Overview of Vendor Users
Understanding Vendor Users
Understanding Responsibilities, Roles, and Permissions
      Resource Roles
      Permissions-Based Roles
      Setting Up Multi-Org Access Control for Vendor Users
Creating a Vendor User
      Creating an Employee
      Creating a User and Assigning Responsibilities
      Importing the Employee as a Resource into CRM
      Assigning Resource Roles and a Resource Group
      Assigning Permissions-Based Roles
Creating a Channel Administrator
Setting up Resource Groups and a Resource Group Hierarchy
      Creating a Resource Group and the Resource Group Hierarchy
Assigning a Channel Team for Partners
      Creating a Partner Territory Hierarchy

Setting Up the Channel Manager Dashboard

Overview of Channel Manager Dashboard
Vendor User Data Visibility
      Key Metrics Bin and Sales Performance Graphs
      Partner Search Results
Setting Up Graphs in the Channel Manager Dashboard
      Setting up the Accounting Calendar
      Populating the Graph
Workflow Business Events
Workflow Event Subscriptions
      How Event Updates Work
      Partner Subscriptions
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting up Partners and Partner Users

Overview of Partners and Partner Users
Creating Partner Users
VAD Users
Enabling User Types
Remove Access to Partner Management Functionality

Creating the Partner Dashboard Site

Overview of the Partner Dashboard
Setting Up the Partner Dashboard
      Using the Partner Dashboard Template Layout
      Setting Up Partner Dashboard Bins
      Understanding iStore Partner Templates
Creating the Partner Dashboard Web Pages
Giving Partners Access to the Library
      Adding a Library Link to the Partner Dashboard Quick Links Bin
      Enabling Personalization for Partner Responsibilities
      Personalizing Library Information for Partner Responsibilities
      Disabling the Personalization Global Icon
Profile Options

Setting Up Partner Profile Attributes

Overview of Partner Profile Attributes
Partner Profile Attributes
      Seeded Attributes
      The Attributes Overview Page
      Lists of Values for Seeded Attributes
Working with Attributes
      Setting up Attribute Categories
      Setting up Attribute Display Styles
      Setting up an Internal List of Values
      Setting Up Attribute Security
      Setting Up Refresh Frequency
      Refreshing Attribute Values with Concurrent Programs
      Reordering Attributes
      Migrating Partner Type Values
Setting Up Custom Attributes
      Creating a Derived Attribute

Setting Up Partner Programs

Overview of Partner Programs
Setting Up Program Types
Setting Up Programs in Oracle Inventory
      Disabling Autocreation of Inventory Items
      Identifying the Master Inventory Organization
      Setting a Default Unit of Measure
      Setting the PV: Concatenated Inventory Flex Segment for Program Profile Option
Defining the Price for Program Inventory Items
Setting Up Payment Options
Setting up Program Benefits
Setting Up Locking Rules
Setting Up Mandatory Rules
Setting up Program Contracts
      Setting up Contract Templates
      Setting up the Contract Approval Option
Setting Up Partner Program Overviews
      Granting Vendor Users Oracle Content Management Access
      Setting up the Program Overview Text Editor
Mapping Partner Responsibilities to Programs
      Creating a New Responsibility
      Mapping Responsibilities
Trading Community Architecture Events and Subscriptions
      Change in Partner Address
      Partner Invitations
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting Up Partner Program Enrollments

Overview of Partner Program Enrollments
Creating the Partner Dashboard Site
Creating Partner Program Enrollment Pages
Setting Up Oracle Order Management
Setting Up Oracle Payments Server
Setting Up Credit Card Security
Setting Credit Card Profile Options
Setting Up Runtime Variables
Setting Up Tax Rules
Setting Up Enrollment Request Approvers
Users and Security

Setting Up Opportunity Management

Overview of Opportunity Management
Partner Subscriptions for Opportunities
Integrating with Oracle Sales
      Enabling Business Events
      Migrating External Sales Team Data
      Personalizing Oracle Sales Pages
      Personalizations for Vendor User Responsibilities
      Personalizations for Partner User Responsibilities - Opportunities Pages
      Personalizations for Partner User Responsibilities - End Customer pages
Opportunity Matching and Routing
      Automated Matching and Routing Methods
      Routing Types
      Manual Matching
Setting Up Partner Matching Rules
      Creating a New Rule
      Adding Opportunity Selection Criteria to the Partner Matching Rule
      Adding Partner Selection Criteria to the Partner Matching Rule
      Adding Partner Matching Criteria to the Partner Matching Rule
      Adding Geographic Proximity to the Partner Matching Rule
      Adding Tiebreak Criteria to the Partner Matching Rule
      Adding Routing Information to the Partner Matching Rule
Setting Up Manual Matching Options
Setting Up Timeouts
      Setting up Country-Specific Timeout Periods
Setting Up Channel Types
Specifying Status Notification Recipients
Modifying Status Notifications
Opportunity Events
Opportunities and Security
      Opportunity Owner Identification
      Opportunity Access Security
      Customer Access Security
      Partner Contact Security
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting Up Referral Management

Overview of Referral Management
Partner Subscriptions for Referrals
Setting Up Budgets
Setting Up Offers
Setting Up Claims
Enabling Profile Attributes for Referrals
Specifying Product Categories Available for Referrals
Setting up Approvals
Assigning Referral Permissions
Setting up Notifications
Setting up Territories
Setting up Data Quality Management (DQM)
Setting up Notes
Creating a Referral Benefit
      The Benefit Validation Process
Specifying a Sales Channel
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting Up Deal Registration

Overview of Deal Registration
Partner Subscriptions for Deal Registration
Enabling Profile Attributes for Deal Registration
Defining Product Categories
Setting up Approvals
Setting up Notifications
Setting up Territories
Setting up Data Quality Management (DQM)
Setting up Notes
Creating a Deal Registration Benefit
      The Benefit Activation Process
Specifying a Sales Channel
Assigning Deal Registration Permissions
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting Up Special Pricing Management

Overview of Special Pricing Management
Liability Calculation
Setting up Special Pricing Budgets
      Creating a Special Pricing Budget
      Identifying Special Pricing Budgets
      Tracking Financial Liability
Trade Profiles
Setting up Special Pricing Product Security
      Setting the OZF_SP_ENABLE_PRODUCT SECURITY Profile Option
      Specifying Product Categories for Special Pricing
Creating the Special Pricing Responsibility
Creating the Special Pricing Benefit
Setting up Approvals
Assigning Special Pricing Permissions
Setting Up Notifications
      Selecting Notification Messages for Special Pricing Requests
Setting up Data Quality Management (DQM)
Setting up Notes
OAM Transaction Types and Attributes
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Setting Up Partner Funds Management

Overview of Partner Funds Management
Tracking Financial Liability
Setting up Partner Fund Budget Categories and Budgets
      Creating a Marketing Media Item
      Creating a Marketing Activity
      Creating a Budget Category
      Creating a Budget
Trade Profiles
Creating a Budget Approval Process
Setting Performance Objectives
Setting up Return and Decline Options
Setting Up Partner Fund Benefits
Setting up Approvals
Setting Up Notifications
Setting up Notes
User Security
OAM Transaction Types and Attributes
Profile Options
Concurrent Programs

Common Implementation and Administration Tasks

Overview of Common Implementation and Administration Tasks
Creating Approval Rules in Oracle Approvals Manager
Setting up Territories in Oracle Territory Manager
Setting up Notifications in Oracle Workflow Builder
Setting up Matching Rules with Oracle Data Quality Management
      The TCA Registry
      Attributes and Transformation Functions
      Match Rules
Setting up Notes

Setting up the Partner Locator

Overview of Partner Locator
Defining a Hyperlink for the Locator
Enabling Partner Profile Attributes for Advanced Search
Setting Profile Options
Running Concurrent Programs

System Profile Options

Before You Begin
Setting Profile Options
Profile Options for the Channel Manager Dashboard
Profile Options for Deal Registration
Profile Options for Enrollments
Profile Options for Partner Funds
Profile Options for Opportunities
Profile Options for the Partner Dashboard
Profile Options for the Partner Locator
Profile Options for Partner Profile Attributes
Profile Options for Partner Programs and Program Enrollments
Profile Options for Referral Management
Profile Options for Special Pricing


Understanding Lookups
Modifying Lookup Types
Creating a New Lookup Type
Adding Values to an Existing Lookup
Lookups for the Channel Manager Dashboard
Lookups for Deal Registration
Lookups for Partner Funds
Lookups for the Partner Dashboard
Lookups for the Partner Profile Attributes
Lookups for Partner Programs
Lookups for Referral Management
Lookups for Special Pricing
Lookups for Opportunities

Concurrent Programs

Running Concurrent Programs
Checking Concurrent Program Status
Concurrent Programs for the Channel Manager Dashboard
Concurrent Programs for Deal Registration
Concurrent Programs for Enrollments
Concurrent Programs for Opportunities
Concurrent Programs for Partner Funds
Concurrent Programs for the Partner Locator
Concurrent Programs for Partner Programs
Concurrent Programs for Partner Profile Attributes
Concurrent Programs for Referral Management
Concurrent Programs for Special Pricing