Oracle Accounts Receivable Deductions Settlement Implementation Guide


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Key Features
Payables Settlement Methods

Oracle Channel Revenue Management Command Center Setup

Setting Up Channel Revenue Management Command Center
Setup and Configuration Steps
Configuring Descriptive Flexfields for Search
Loading Channel Revenue Management Command Center Data
Profile Options for Channel Revenue Management Command Center

Implementing Claims

Basic Setups for Implementing Claims
      Setting System Parameter Defaults
      Control Channel Revenue Periods
      Setting up Trade Profiles
      Setting Up Customer Trade Profiles
      Setting Up Supplier Trade Profiles
      Implementing Org-Striping
      Impact of Org-Striping on Claims
Prerequisites for Creating a Claim
      Defining Claim Types
      Defining Claim Actions
      Defining Claim Reasons
      Defining Claim Sources
      Implementing the Claim Creation API
      Implementing the Promotional Payment View
      Implementing Lockbox Integration
      Defining Claim Import
      Mapping Customer Reason Codes
      Maintaining Customer Reason Mapping
Setting Up Claim Ownership and Assignment
      Owning and Assigning Claims
      Routing Claims to Team Leader
Implementing Claim Research and Approval
      Defining the History Rule
      Implementing the Claim Aging View
      Defining Approval Rules for Claims
      Defining Statuses
Implementing Claim Settlement
      Defining Autopay
      Getting a Tax Quote
      Defining Pay Over Earnings Threshold Rules
      Defining Automatic Write Off Thresholds
      Implementing Mass Settlement
      Implementing Rule-Based Settlement
      Implementing Auto Write Off
      Implementing the Claim Settlement Workflow
      Overview of the Claim Settlement Workflow Process
      Claim Generic Settlement Process
      Non-Seeded Settlement New
      Promotional Claim Payment
      Create a New Function
      Revert GL Entries
      Non-Seeded Settlement Process Definitions
      Maintaining Team Access and Security
Using Subledger Accounting for Defining Account Derivation Rules for Claims

Setting Up Profile Options and Lookups

Setting Claim Profile Options
      User Access Level Lookups
      Extensible Access Level Lookups

Concurrent Programs

Running Concurrent Programs
Concurrent Programs for Claims

Claim Interface Tables