Oracle Incentive Compensation User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Incentive Compensation

Responsibilities Based on Business Flows
      Incentive Compensation Administrator
      Plan Administrator
      Compensation Manager and Compensation Analyst
      Incentive Compensation User
Navigating in Oracle Incentive Compensation

Oracle Incentive Compensation Command Center

Incentive Compensation Command Center Overview
Recent Jobs Dashboard
Quality by Phase Dashboard
Paysheet Console Dashboard
Jeopardy by Phase Dashboard
Performance Evaluation Dashboard

Rules Library Management

Defining Products and Product Hierarchies
Building a Product Hierarchy
Defining Rule Sets
Building a Rules Hierarchy

Building Compensation Plans

Overview of Building Compensation Plans
Creating a Compensation Plan
Creating a View for Compensation Plans
Maintaining Compensation Plans
Defining Plan Elements
Assigning Eligible Products
Assigning Rate Tables
Defining Rate Tables
Defining Rate Dimensions
Defining Quotas
Distributing Target, Fixed Amount, and Performance Goal
Creating a Bonus Plan Element
Using Accelerators and Transaction Factors
Using Interdependent Plan Elements
Defining Formulas
Calculation Expressions
      Input Expressions
      Output Expressions
      Performance Measures
Defining Calculation Expressions
Export and Import Compensation Plans
      Creating Export Requests
      Viewing Export Request
      Creating Import Requests
      Viewing Import Request
      Import Examples

Assigning Compensation Plans, Pay Groups, and Payment Plans

Overview of Assigning Compensation Plans, Pay Groups, and Payment Plans
360 Degree View of the Resource
Customizing a Compensation Plan for a Resource
Assigning a Compensation Plan to a Role
Assigning a Role to a Resource
Assign Pay Groups
Assigning a Pay Group to a Role
Assigning a Pay Group to a Resource
Define Payment Plans
Assign Payment Plans
Assigning a Payment Plan to a Role
Assigning a Payment Plan to a Resource

Collecting and Adjusting Transactions

Overview of Collecting Transactions
Standard Collection
Collection Features
Submitting a Collection Request
Viewing the Request Status and Logs
Collecting Adjustments
      Collecting Adjustments for Order Transactions
      Collecting Adjustments for Custom Transaction Sources
      Collecting Adjustments for AR - RAM
Imports and Exports
Defining Imports
Process Log
Correct Failed Records
Creating a Personalized Search for the Import/Export Page
Exporting Data
Maintaining Transactions
Resolving Problems with Transactions
Create a New Transaction
Add a New Attribute to the Create New Transaction Page
Mass Updates
Deal Split
Adjusting Transactions
Adjust Statuses
Split Transaction
Loading Transactions
Viewing Transaction Requests
Using the Transaction Interface
Validation Checks and Resolution Method

Calculating Compensation

Overview of Calculating Compensation
      Two Types of Calculation
      Two Modes of Calculation
      Phases of Calculation
      Unprocessed and Failure Statuses
      The Calculation Process
Preparing for Calculation
      Rollup Summarized Transactions
      Accumulation and Splits in Multidimensional Rate Tables
Submitting Calculation
Resubmitting Calculation
Using Incremental Calculation
The Notify Log
Customizing the Notify Log Search
Notification Log Triggering Events

Payment with Payment Batches

Overview of Payment with Payment Batches
      Payment Setups and Relationships
      Working with Paysheets
Integrating with a Third Party Payroll System
Pay Groups, Payment Plans, and other Setups
      Pay Groups
      Payment Plans (Draw)
      Pay by Transaction or by Summary
Payment Administrative Hierarchy
Creating a Payment Batch
Create Paysheets for a Payment Batch
Viewing and Changing Existing Payment Batches
Creating a Personalized View for Payment Batches
Using the Payment Batch Summary
Working with the Paysheets Summary Page
Working with Individual Paysheets
Creating a Personalized View for Paysheets
Payment Hold at the Transaction Level
Approving Paysheets
Submitting a Payment Batch for Payment
Payment Review with Example

Creating Resources, Roles and Groups

Define Resource Groups (Compensation Groups)
Defining Roles
      Sales Compensation Payment Analyst Role Type
Defining Resources
Setting Up Payees
Setting Up Resources for Team Compensation


Overview of Oracle Incentive Compensation Reports
Compensation Group Hierarchy Report
Transaction Details Report
Attainment Summary
Performance Detail Report
Commission Statement
Year To Date Summary
Earnings Statement Report
XML for Plan Visualization
Discoverer Workbooks
      Calculation Batch Process Report
      Compensation Plan Eligible Product Mapping
      Resources Not Validated for Calculation
      Resources with Pay Group Assignment Different than Compensation Plan Dates
      Earnings Statement Report
      Transaction Details Report
      Formula Definitions
      Resource Assignments Overview
      Transaction Status Report

Sales Credit Allocation

Overview of Sales Credit Allocation
Credit Rules Setup
Defining, Editing, and Deleting Credit Rules
Creating Credit Rules
Editing Credit Rules
Deleting Credit Rules
Synchronize the Credit Rules
Simple and Advanced Rule Searches
Simple Rule Search
Advanced Rule Search
Transferring Transactions to the Sales Credit Allocation Rules Engine
Processing Transactions in the Sales Credit Allocation Rules Engine
Using Workflow to Check and Update the Revenue Allocation Percentage

Compensation Scenarios

      Creating a Compensation Plan and Using the Plan Component Library
Scenario Management
Common Compensation Scenarios Based on Formula Options
Complex Compensation Scenarios
Compensation Scenarios Based on External Tables

Archive and Purge

OIC Archive and Purge Concurrent Program

Compensation Plan Templates

Compensation Plan Templates