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Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions APIs and Security Policy

2.  Labels and Clearances

3.  Label Code Examples

4.  Printing and the Label APIs

5.  Interprocess Communications

Multilevel Port Information

Communication Endpoints

Berkeley Sockets and TLI

AF_UNIX Family

AF_INET Family

RPC Mechanism

Using Multilevel Ports With UDP

6.  Trusted X Window System

7.  Label Builder APIs

8.  Trusted Web Guard Prototype

9.  Experimental Java Bindings for the Solaris Trusted Extensions Label APIs

A.  Programmer's Reference

B.  Trusted Extensions API Reference


Chapter 5

Interprocess Communications

A system that is configured with Trusted Extensions enforces mandatory access control (MAC) and discretionary access control (DAC). Access control is enforced between communicating processes on the same host and across the network. This chapter summarizes the interprocess communication (IPC) mechanisms that are available in a system configured with Trusted Extensions. This chapter also discusses how access controls apply.

This chapter covers the following topics: