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Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions APIs and Security Policy

2.  Labels and Clearances

3.  Label Code Examples

4.  Printing and the Label APIs

5.  Interprocess Communications

6.  Trusted X Window System

7.  Label Builder APIs

8.  Trusted Web Guard Prototype

9.  Experimental Java Bindings for the Solaris Trusted Extensions Label APIs

Java Bindings Overview

Structure of the Experimental Java Label Interfaces

SolarisLabel Abstract Class

ClearanceLabel Subclass

SensitivityLabel Subclass

Range Class

Java Bindings

Detecting a Trusted Extensions System

Accessing the Process Sensitivity Label

Allocating and Freeing Memory for Label Objects

Obtaining and Setting the Label of a File

Obtaining Label Range Objects

Accessing Labels in Zones

Obtaining the Remote Host Type

Translating Between Labels and Strings

Comparing Label Objects

A.  Programmer's Reference

B.  Trusted Extensions API Reference


Chapter 9

Experimental Java Bindings for the Solaris Trusted Extensions Label APIs

This chapter describes an experimental set of Java classes and methods that mirror the label application programming interfaces (APIs) that are provided with the Trusted Extensions software. The Java implementation of the Trusted Extensions label APIs is intended to be used to create label-aware applications. As a result, all of the label APIs provided by Trusted Extensions are not part of the Java implementation.

The presentation of these experimental Java APIs (Java bindings) demonstrate how the Trusted Extensions features can be expanded into the Java development environment.


Caution - These experimental Java bindings are not a supported part of the Trusted Extensions software.

This chapter covers the following topics: