5.9. Managing VLAN Groups

5.9.1. Creating a VLAN Group
5.9.2. Editing a VLAN Group
5.9.3. Deleting a VLAN Group

Oracle VM supports multiple virtual LANs (VLANs) on the same NIC port. Each VLAN is essentially an independent logical network operating with other VLANs over the same physical connection. Using VLANs in an ideal way to minimize the number of required physical connections and NICs while concurrently separating traffic.Configuring networks to support VLAN traffic involves creating one or more VLAN Groups, each of which can house multiple VLANs. Each VLAN is assigned a distinct VLAN identification. The VLAN ID is used by an attached VLAN switch to segregate traffic among the different VLANs operating on the same link. When a VLAN is configured, it functions exactly like a separate physical connection.

VLANs need to be configured in the physical switches before you can use them. See Section 5.6, “VLAN Groups and VLAN Segments” for more information about using VLANs in your networking environment.