Chapter 8. Add Resources to Storage Repository

Table of Contents

8.1. Import a virtual machine template
8.2. Import an ISO file
This figure shows the visual indicator that shows where you are in the tutorial.

Virtual machines require some form of installation media, whether it be a virtual machine template, virtual disk, ISO file, or mounted ISO file. Different domain types may require different installation source files. You can read about the different installation media in Virtual Machine Installation Media . The following examples show you how to import a virtual machine template, and an ISO file which are used in later steps to create virtual machines. A virtual machine template contains virtual machine configuration information, virtual disks that contain the operating system and any application software, packaged as a template file. An operating system ISO file is an image of the CDROM or DVD used to perform an operating system installation.

In this tutorial we use a virtual machine template and an Oracle Linux ISO file downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud:

Download an Oracle VM template and an ISO file of the Oracle Linux operating system. Uncompress (unzip) the template file so that it is in the template.tgz format, not the downloaded format. Save the template and ISO file on a web server. Templates and other installation media must be available on a web server before being imported into Oracle VM Manager.