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Class AttributeWithSource

  extended by com.thortech.xl.gc.vo.designtime.Attribute
      extended by com.thortech.xl.gc.vo.designtime.AttributeWithSource

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public class AttributeWithSource
extends Attribute

This class is a value object that represents an identity attribute that could be a parent(single valued) or a child (multi-valued). It is the transformed version of an Attribute based on the resultant action of a TransformationProvider. An instance of this class could represent the following:

1) An attribute belonging to the "Reconciliation Staging" dataset. 2) An attribute belonging to the "Provisioning Staging" dataset.

See Also:
OIMSchema, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary


Method Summary
 Transformation getSource()
          This method returns the source information of a Transformation.
 void setSource(Transformation source)


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Constructor Detail


public AttributeWithSource()

Method Detail


public void setSource(Transformation source)


public Transformation getSource()
This method returns the source information of a Transformation.
Instance of the value object Transformation that captures the information about the features of transformation present on this AttributeWithSource and source Attribute as well.

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