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Interoperability with Other Oracle Products
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Oracle Service Registry

The Oracle Service Registry provides visibility into services, service providers, and related resources across the enterprise. Specifically, it publishes the Oracle Metadata Repository (MDS) services to the outside world. It provides a configurable, scalable, secure repository, called the Oracle Application Server UDDI Registry, of Web services that can be managed, discovered and governed by Oracle Fusion Middleware. The Oracle Service Registry advertises the existence of these services to potential consumers. The Oracle Service Registry provides the following services for an enterprise:

For Oracle SOA Suite, a BPEL process service component use the UDDI registry to store a service key for a partner link in a BPEL process, and a mediator service component uses the registry to store a service key for a SOAP service. A BPEL process service component interacts with external services through partner links, and a mediator service component can route to an external SOAP services. When the SOA composite application runs, BPEL process and mediator service components use the service key to query the UDDI registry for the WSDL URL for the service. In this way, Oracle Service Registry manages the endpoint for WSDLs rather than Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Mediator.

The Oracle Service Registry is also provided as part of the Oracle SOA Governance Suite.