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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing the SOA Suite components. It depicts the Service Infrastructure in a box, with the various components connecting to it. The components are described in the text on the page.
Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite Components

Oracle SOA Suite provides a comprehensive suite of components for developing, securing, and monitoring service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Service components (BPEL process, business rule, human task, spring, and mediator) are the building blocks that you use to construct a SOA composite application. The Service Infrastructure provides the internal message transport infrastructure capabilities for connecting service components and enabling data flow. Service engines for the components process the message information received from the Service Infrastructure. See SOA Composite Application Architecture for more information about service components.

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring consumes data transported over the Service Infrastructure, providing powerful business insight capabilities.

The following components comprise an Oracle SOA Suite installation:

The following components are included with Oracle SOA Suite, but available as a separate download:

Both the Oracle Service Bus and the Service Infrastructure share common components, including Oracle Adapters, Oracle Metadata Repository, and the UDDI registry. The UDDI registry is available with the Oracle Service Registry, which is a separately licensable component. See Oracle Service Registry for more information.

In addition, several separately licensable products interoperate with Oracle SOA Suite components. See Interoperability with Other Oracle Products for more information.