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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Oracle Business Rules. It depicts the Service Infrastructure in a box, with the various components connecting to it. It shows Business Rules connected to the Rules Engine, which is connected to the Metadata Repository, BPEL, and Human Task.
Oracle Business Rules

Oracle Business Rules, initiated by a BPEL process service component, enable dynamic decisions at runtime allowing you to automate policies, constraints, computations, and reasoning while separating rule logic from underlying application code. In addition, the human task and mediator service components can make use of rules for dynamic routing. A mediator service component can use a business rule for routing messages, and a human task can use a business rule for routing assignments. The Oracle Metadata Repository (MDS) stores the rulesets for Oracle Business Rules.

Oracle Business Rules provide more agile rule maintenance and empowers business analysts with the ability to modify rule logic without programmer assistance and without interrupting business processes.