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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. It shows it providing the following functions for Oracle Fusion Middleware: Configure Fusion Middleware, Deploy Applications, Monitor Availability and Performance, Diagnose Problems and Tune, and Patch and Upgrade.
Oracle Enterprise Manager

You can configure, monitor, and manage your SOA composite application during run time from Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console. Fusion Middleware Control is a Web browser-based, graphical user interface that you can use to monitor and administer a farm.

A farm is a collection of components managed by Fusion Middleware Control. It can contain Oracle WebLogic Server domains, one Administration Server, one or more Managed Servers, clusters, and the Oracle Fusion Middleware components that are installed, configured, and running in the domain.

Fusion Middleware Control organizes a wide variety of performance data and administrative functions into distinct, Web-based home pages for the farm, domain, servers, components, and applications. The Fusion Middleware Control home pages make it easy to locate the most important monitoring data and the most commonly used administrative functions from your Web browser.

You deploy SOA composite applications designed in Oracle JDeveloper to the SOA Infrastructure. The SOA Infrastructure is a Java EE-compliant application running in Oracle WebLogic Server. The application manages composites and their life cycle, service engines, and binding components.

From Fusion Middleware Control, you select a farm and select the SOA Infrastructure for that farm to begin administration. You can navigate to Oracle SOA Suite administration tasks through the SOA Infrastructure home page and menu. The SOA Infrastructure provides you with access to all deployed SOA composite applications, service engines, service components, business events, and other elements.

Fusion Middleware Control provides a wide variety of administrative and performance data for the SOA components, composite applications, and composite instances within the SOA infrastructure, enabling you to administer and pinpoint issues.