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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Oracle Service Bus. It shows Oracle Service Bus providing ESB functionality between service consumers (consisting of Oracle SOA Suite application containing multiple composites) and service providers. It shows Oracle Service Bus providing service management, mediation, adaptive messaging, and security functions.
Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus, available as a separate download with an Oracle SOA Suite license, is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms these messages for compatibility with other service consumers. It receives messages through a transport protocol such as HTTP(S), JMS, File, and
FTP, and sends messages through the same or a different transport protocol. Service response
messages follow the inverse path.

Oracle Service Bus connects, mediates, and manages interactions between heterogeneous services, not just Web services, but also Java and .Net, messaging services and legacy endpoints. It uniquely delivers the integration capabilities of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with operational service management in a single product with an efficient, seamless user experience. With its flexible deployment options and automated integration with Oracle SOA Governance Suite, Oracle Service Bus handles the deployment, management and governance challenges of implementing SOA from department to enterprise scale.

Specifically, Oracle Service provides the following functional areas:

Comparing Oracle Mediator with Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Mediator is an intra-composite mediation component that is deployed within a composite, keeping the composite on a canonical model. Its primary function is to provide the transformation of legacy formats to a common format. It is responsible for brokering communications between components that make up a composite, enabling transformation, routing, event delivery, and payload validation inside the composite.