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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Oracle WSM Policy Manager. It depicts the Service Infrastructure in a box, with the various components connecting to it. It Oracle WSM Policy Manager connected to Mediator, an Enforcement Point.
Oracle WSM Policy Manager

Oracle WSM Policy Manager provides the infrastructure for enforcing global security and auditing policies in the Service Infrastructure. By securing various endpoints and setting and propagating identity, it secures applications. Oracle WSM Policy Manager provides a standard mechanism for signing messages, performing encryption, performing authentication, and providing role-based access control. You also can change a policy without having to change the endpoints or clients for this endpoints, providing greater flexibility and security monitoring for your enterprise.

In addition, Oracle WSM Policy Manager collects monitoring statistics with information about the quality, uptime, and security threats and displays them in a Web dashboard. As a result, Oracle WSM Policy Manager provides better control and visibility over Web services.