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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Human Task. It shows a BPEL process in JDeveloper connected to Workflow Services, which is connected to Worklist to update the task, which is connected to various routing assignments. Workflow Services contains Task Management Service, Task Routing Service, User Metadata Service, Identity Service, Task Query Service, and Notification Service.
Human Workflow

Many end-to-end business processes require human interactions with the process. For example, humans may be needed for approvals, exception management, or performing activities required to advance the business process. The human workflow component provides the following features:

The graphic shows an overview of human workflow:

  1. A BPEL process invokes a human task activity when it needs a human to perform a task. A human task activity creates a task in the human task service component.
  2. The human task service component uses workflow services to perform a variety of operations in the life cycle of a task, such as querying tasks for a user, retrieving metadata information related to a task, and so on.
  3. The human task service component presents tasks to users through a variety of channels, such as Oracle BPM Worklist, email, portals, or custom applications. Oracle BPM Worklist, a role-based application that supports the concept of supervisors and process owners, and provides functionality for finding, organizing, managing, and performing tasks.