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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Oracle JDeveloper with a SOA composite application.
Oracle JDeveloper

Oracle JDeveloper is the development component of Oracle SOA Suite. It forms a comprehensive Integrated Service Environment (ISE) for creating and deploying composite applications and managing the composite.

Oracle JDeveloper enables developers to model, create, discover, assemble, orchestrate, test, deploy, and maintain composite applications based on services.

The SOA Composite Editor enables you to create, edit, and deploy services, and also to assemble them in a composite application, all from a single location. These components are integrated together into one application and communicate with the outside world through binding components such as Web services and JCA adapters.

The SOA Composite Editor enables you to use either of two approaches for designing SOA composite applications:

Oracle JDeveloper provides the following additional editors to design service components: