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Oracle SOA Suite Components
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Illustration showing Spring Context
Spring Context

Oracle SOA Suite provides support for the spring framework functionality of the WebLogic Service Component Architecture (SCA) of Oracle WebLogic Server. Spring is a popular application framework that enables developers to quickly and easily create high quality applications for deployment into high-end application servers. The spring framework provides a lightweight container that makes it easy to use different types of services. Lightweight containers can accept any JavaBean, instead of specific types of components.

You can use the spring framework to create Java applications using plain old Java objects (POJOs) and expose components as SCA services and references. In SCA terms, a WebLogic spring framework SCA application is a collection of POJOs plus a spring SCA context file that wires the classes together with SCA services and references.

Oracle SOA Suite provides a spring context service component that enables you to use Java interfaces instead of WSDL files in SOA composite applications. You can also integrate components that use Java interfaces with components that use WSDL files in the same SOA composite application. For example, you can have a spring context service component invoke an Oracle BPEL Process Manager service component or an Oracle Mediator service component invoke a spring context service component or Enterprise JavaBean.