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SOA Composite Application Architecture
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This image shows a simple SOA composite application. It shows an incoming service sending a message to the composite application. The composite application contains Mediator and BPEL service components. Mediator connects to BPEL through a wire. BPEL then sends the messages that are sent from the composite to the external world through a reference.
SOA Composite Application Architecture

A SOA composite is an assembly of services, service components, and references designed and deployed together in a single application. Wiring between the service, service component, and reference enable message communication. The composite processes the information described in the messages.

The graphic provides an example of a composite that includes a mediator service component and a BPEL service component, an inbound service binding component, and an outbound reference binding component.

Service Components

Service components are the building blocks of a SOA composite application. Each service component is hosted in its own service engine container. Messages sent to the service engine are targeted at specific service components. For example, a message targeted for a BPEL process is sent to the BPEL service engine. Service engines process the message information received from the .

The following service components are available. There is a corresponding service engine of the same name for each service component. All service engines can interact together in a single composite.


Services provide the outside world with an entry point to the SOA composite application. The WSDL file of the service advertises its capabilities to external applications. These capabilities are used for contacting the SOA composite application components. The binding connectivity of the service describes the protocols that can communicate with the service, for example, SOAP/HTTP or a JCA adapter.


References enable messages to be sent from the SOA composite application to external services in the outside world.


Wires enable you to graphically connect the following components in a single SOA composite application for message communication: