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What's New in This Guide

Part I Understanding Oracle WebCenter Content

1 Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Content Features

2 Overview of Common Management Tasks

Part II Basic Applications Administration

3 Getting Started Managing Oracle WebCenter Content

4 Finding Status and Error Information

Part III Managing Content

5 Managing Content

6 Organizing Content

7 Managing Workflows

8 Customizing Repository Fields and Metadata

9 Categorizing and Linking Content

10 Tracking Content Access

11 Managing Content Profiles

Part IV Records Management

12 Configuring Records Management

13 Managing a Records Retention Schedule

14 Managing Security for Records

15 Defining and Processing Dispositions

16 The Oracle Content Server Adapter

17 Managing Physical Content

18 Processing Reservations and Chargebacks

19 Configuring Related Content (Links)

20 Managing the Records System

21 Using Federated Search and Freeze

22 FOIA and Privacy Act Tracking

Part V Managing Content Conversions

23 Configuring Inbound Refinery

24 Managing Inbound Refinery

25 Working with Conversions

26 Working With Image and Video Conversions

27 Managing PDF Watermark

28 Supported File Formats

Part VI Managing Dynamic Conversion

29 Introduction to Dynamic Converter

30 Configuring Dynamic Converter

31 Template Rules

32 Conversion Templates

33 HTML Conversion Templates

34 Classic HTML Conversion Layout Templates

35 Script Templates

36 HTML Snippets

37 Working with Converted Content

38 Implementation Considerations for Dynamic Converter

39 Conversion Filters

40 Input File Formats

41 Office 2007/2010 Considerations

42 Elements Script Template

Part VII Desktop Management

43 Managing Desktop

Part VIII Troubleshooting

44 Troubleshooting Workflows

45 Troubleshooting Content Tracking Issues

46 Troubleshooting WebDAV

47 Troubleshooting Inbound Refinery