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accessibility software, Java Access Bridge, A, B
ActiveX control, 4.6
adding users, Oracle Internet Directory, 3.10
administration console
AXF for BPM and AXF for BPEL, 10.6
Administration Server, starting, 10.1
AES algorithm,
allowing IMPORT definitions in Imaging, 6.1.7
Application Server screen, A.5
Imaging, 1.1
Inbound Refinery, 1.1
Oracle IRM, 1.1
Oracle IRM Desktop
Oracle WebCenter Content, 1.1, 1.1
Records, 1.1
audience, Preface
verifying installation of AXF for BPM, 6.5.1
AXF for BPEL, 4.16, 6.5
administration console, 10.6
configuration with Imaging, 4.16, 6.5
installation, 4.16, 6.5
installing, 2.4
administration console, 10.6
configuration with Imaging, 4.16, 6.5
configuration, with Imaging, 4.16, 6.5
installation, 4.16, 4.16, 6.5, 6.5
installing, 2.4
verifying installation, 6.5.2


installing, 2.4
certification, 2.1.3
client configuration, server certificate,
configuration screens, 3.13
configuring, 3.13
Managed Servers, 3.13
Content Server, 4.3.2
Desktop, client workstation, 4.11
Records, 8
AXF for BPEL, 4.16, 6.5
AXF for BPM, 4.16, 6.5
clusters, 3.13
Content Server
Content Server Configuration page, 4.3.2
Desktop, 4.10
OracleTextSearch, 4.5
Site Studio, 4.9
content server connections, E.1.4
external database provider for standalone applications, 4.5.2
allowing IMPORT definitions, 6.1.7
overview, 6
Inbound Refinery
document conversion, 5.2.2
overview, 5, 5.2
postinstallation, 5.2.1
Java Object Cache for AXF for BPEL in distributed Imaging servers,
JDBC Driver for standalone applications, 4.7
keystore for Oracle IRM, 9.1.2
log, F.2.1
machines, 3.13
Managed Servers
clusters, 3.13, 3.13
creating Oracle WebLogic Server domain, 3.2
extending Oracle WebLogic Server domain, 3.3
machines, 3.13
Microsoft SQL Server with WebCenter Content, 4.3.6
Oracle Access Manager, 3.11.1
Oracle Access Manager 11g for Oracle IRM Managed Server, 9.4
Oracle IRM
overview, 9
single sign-on, 9.4
Oracle IRM Desktop authentication, 3.11.1
Oracle URM Adapter for Content Server, 4.13
Oracle WebCenter Content, 3
OracleTextSearch, configuring for Content Server, 4.5
preparing for, 3.1
screens, B
single sign-on for Oracle IRM Managed Server, 9.4
Site Studio on Content Server, 4.9
troubleshooting, F.2, F.2
verifying, 10
WebCenter Content, 4
Windows Native Authentication, 3.11.3
zone fields, 4.9.4
Configure JDBC Component Schema screen, B.3
Configure Managed Servers screen, B.6
Imaging to WebCenter Content repository, 6.1.3
Imaging to workflow server, 6.1.4
connections to servers, E.1.4
Content Server
configuration, 4.3.2
Desktop, 4.10
file store provider,
OracleTextSearch, 4.5
configuration page, 4.3.2
Desktop, 4.10
enabling Inbound Refinery components,
file store provider configuration,
initial configuration, 4.3
interface, 12.1
JavaServer Pages, 4.9.5
JSP groups, 4.9.5
search index, 4.9.6, 4.9.6
Site Studio, 4.9, 4.9, 4.9.1
SiteStudioExternalApplications component, 4.9, 4.9, 4.9.1
starting, 4.3.1
Content Server Configuration page, 4.3.2
conversion components, enabling in Inbound Refinery,
conversion jobs, Inbound Refinery, setting up, 5.2.3 script, 2.1.4
creating Oracle WebLogic Server domain, 3.2, 3.2
creating schemas, 2.2, 2.2.2
credential store, configuring for Oracle IRM,
cryptographic algorithm for keystore


data sources
IBM DB2, 8.4
Microsoft SQL Server, 4.3.6
creating schemas,, 2.2, 2.2.2
IBM DB2, 1.2, 1.2
installation module,
Microsoft SQL Server
configuration with WebCenter Content, 4.3.6
creating schemas in, 1.2, 1.2
Oracle Database, 1.2, 1.2, 2.1.5
Repository Creation Utility
compatibility, 2.1.5
schemas,, 2.2.1
supported, 2.1.5
database root CA certificate, 4.8
default ports for Managed Servers, 3.2
default project document information, 4.9.2
definitions, importing, 6.1.7
Deinstall Oracle Home screen, C.2
Deinstallation Complete screen, C.4
deinstallation procedure, 11.4
Deinstallation Progress screen, C.3
deinstallation screens, C
configuration, client workstation, 4.11, 4.11
Content Server configuration, 4.10
installation, client workstation, 4.11, 4.11
overview, 4.11
directory structure, 1.3
disabling web layout for Imaging,
distributed Imaging servers, configuring Java Object Cache for AXF for BPEL,
document conversion, configuring on Inbound Refinery, 5.2.2
domain structure, Oracle WebLogic Server,
creating, 3.2
extending, 3.3, 3.3, 3.4
downloads, Oracle WebCenter Content software, 1.2.2
dropping schemas, 11.3.2
DynamicSections property
connection pool configuration, 8.4
setting in IBM DB2 and Records, 8.4


ECM. See Oracle WebCenter Content
email address, system administrator, 4.3.2
Enabled Features page, 8.1.1
enabling JSP groups on Content Server, 4.9.5
enabling JSP support on Content Server, 4.9.5
enabling Site Studio on Content Server, 4.9, 4.9.1
environment variables
library paths, UNIX platforms, 3.7.2
Outside In Technology, 3.7
errors, Imaging connection to WebCenter Content 11g, F.2.3
extending an existing domain, 3.3, 3.3, 3.4, 3.4
external database provider, configuration for standalone applications, 4.5.2
external LDAP authentication provider, 3.9


file formats, selecting for Inbound Refinery conversion,
file store provider
configuring for Content Server,
configuring for Imaging,
installing, UNIX operating system, 3.6, 3.6.2
National Language Support, UNIX operating system, 3.6
full-text features, configuring in WebCenter Content, 6.2
full-text indexing
in metadata fields, 4.9.4
zone fields, 4.9.4


GDFontPath MBean, configuring for Imaging, configuring for Imaging, 6.1.5


heap size, increasing, 3.5
HelloBpel solution,
HelloBPM solution, 6.5.1,
HelloWorld solution,
HttpServerAddress, 4.3.2, 5.2.1


IBM DB2, 1.2, 1.2
database searches, 4.3.5
DynamicsSections property, setting for Records, 8.4
IBR. See Inbound Refinery
identity store
configuring for Oracle IRM, 9.3
reassociating with external LDAP, 3.9
reassociating with Oracle Internet Directory, 3.9.1
Imaging, 6.1.2
AXF for BPEL, 4.16, 6.5
AXF for BPM, 4.16, 6.5
after first login, 6.1
allowing IMPORT definitions, 6.1.7
application, 6
Java Object Cache for AXF for BPEL in distributed servers,
Oracle Access Manager 11g, 9.4
single sign-on, 9.4
WebCenter Content repository, 6.1.1
configuring WebCenter Content,
connecting to workflow server, 6.1.4
disabling web layout for,
errors, connection to WebCenter Content, F.2.3
installing, 2.2.2, 2.2.2, 2.4
overview, 1.1
postinstallation configuration, 6.1
repository connection, 6.1.3
starting Managed Server, 6.1.2
Visual C++ package for Windows operating system, 3.7.3
web client, 6.1.2
WebCenter Content repository, 6.1.1
IMPORT definitions, allowing in Imaging, 6.1.7
importing definitions, 6.1.7
importing into keystore, 4.8
Inbound Refinery
document conversion, 5.2.2
overview, 5, 5.2
Content Server, setting up jobs for conversion, 5.2.3
conversion jobs
from Content Server,
setting up, 5.2.3
enabling components on Content Server,
enabling conversion components,
enabling PDFExportConverter,
outgoing provider from Content Server,
overview, 1.1
postinstallation configuration, 5.1, 5.2.1
selecting file formats for conversion,
setup and run issues, F.3
login errors, F.3.1
problems, F.3
runtime errors, F.3.2
Inbound Refinery Configuration page, 5.2.1
Incoming Socket Connection Address Security Filter, 3.14.4
increasing Java heap size for Managed Servers, 3.5, 10.5
Install Software Updates screen, A.2
AXF for BPEL, 2.4
AXF for BPM, 2.4, 4.16, 6.5
Capture, 2.4
default project document information, 4.9.2
Desktop, client workstation, 4.11
enabling JSP groups on Content Server, 4.9.5
enabling JSP support on Content Server, 4.9.5
enabling Site Studio on Content Server, 4.9, 4.9, 4.9.1
Imaging, 2.2.2, 2.2.2, 2.4
Inbound Refinery, overview, 5.2
log, F.2.1
Oracle WebCenter Content,
Oracle WebLogic Server,
overview, 1.2.1
Repository Creation Utility,
Oracle Access Manager 11g, 9.4
Oracle IRM, 2.2.2, 2.4
Oracle IRM Desktop, 1.1
Oracle URM Adapter for Content Server, 4.13
Oracle WebCenter Content, 2, 2.4, 2.4.2, 2.4.2, 3.14.1
Oracle WebLogic Server, 2.3, 3.14.1
overview, 1
preparing for, 2.1
procedure, 1.2
roadmap, 1.2
screens, A
silent, D
troubleshooting, F.2, F.2
verifying, 10, 10.6
verifying AXF for BPM, 6.5.1, 6.5.2
zone fields, 4.9.4
Installation Completed screen, A.8
installation log files, 2.5.1
Installation Progress screen, A.7
Installation Summary screen, A.6
installer, starting, 2.4.1
installing fonts
National Language Support, 3.6.2
UNIX operating system, 3.6
installing the ActiveX control on clients, 4.6, 4.6
InstanceDescription property, 4.3.2
InstanceMenuLabel property, 4.3.2
Enabled Features Page, 8.1.1
Records Setup Checklist, 8.1.2
inventory directory location, 2.1.4
I/PM. See Imaging
IRM. See Oracle IRM


Java heap size, increasing for Managed Server, 10.5
Java Object Cache for AXF for BPEL, configuring for distributed Imaging servers,
Java VM memory parameters, 3.5.1
JavaServer Pages
enabling on Content Server, 4.9.5
JSP groups, 4.9.5
JDBC driver configuration for standalone applications, 4.7
JRE locations, 2.4.1


key size,
keystore, 3.14.5
adding passwords to the credential store,
configuration issues, F.2.2
configuring for Oracle IRM, 9.1.2
creating for Oracle IRM,
cryptographic algorithm,
importing database root CA certificate, standalone applications, 4.8
key size,
setting location,
setting up,
target platform,


LDAP authenticator types, 3.9.1
libraries for Outside In Technology
installing, 3.7
UNIX platform
environment variables, 3.7.2
installing, 3.7.1
Windows operating system, downloading Visual C++, 3.7.3
log files, installation, 2.5.1


machines, configuring, 3.13
Managed Servers
cluster configuration, 3.13
clusters, 3.13
Java heap size, 10.5
default ports, 3.2
configuring WebCenter Content repository, 6.1.1
Java Object Cache for AXF for BPEL,
Inbound Refinery, 5.2.1
document conversion configuration, 5.2.2
installation, 5.2
increasing Java heap size, 10.5
restarting, 10.3
starting, 6.1.2, 10.2
memory parameters, Java VM, 3.5.1
metadata fields for Site Studio, 4.9.4
metadata for project files, 4.9.2
Microsoft SQL Server
configuration with WebCenter Content, 4.3.6
creating schemas in, 1.2, 1.2
Middleware home,, 2.3


National Language Support, fonts, UNIX operating system, 3.6
Node Manager, starting, 10.4


Oracle Access Manager
configuring, 3.11.1, 9.4
installing for Oracle IRM, 9.4
Oracle Access Manager 11g
installing, 9.4
single sign-on, 9.4
Oracle Application Development Framework, 12
Oracle Application Extension Framework. See AXF for BPM or AXF for BPEL
Oracle AXF. See AXF
Oracle BPM work list, 10.6
Oracle Common home,
Oracle Content Server. See Content Server
Oracle Database, 2.1.5
creating schemas in, 1.2, 1.2
patch for with Oracle Text 11g, 4.5.1
Oracle ECM. See Oracle WebCenter Content
Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite. See Oracle WebCenter Content
Oracle Fusion Middleware
Middleware home,
Oracle WebLogic Server installation,
stopping, 11.2
Oracle homes
in Middleware home,
removing directories, 11.4.1, 11.4.2
Oracle IBR. See Inbound Refinery
Oracle Imaging and Process Management. See Imaging
Oracle Inbound Refinery. See Inbound Refinery
Oracle Information Rights Management Desktop. See Oracle IRM Desktop
Oracle Information Rights Management. See Oracle IRM
Oracle Internet Directory, 3.9
adding users, 3.10
reassociating identity store with, 3.9.1
Oracle Inventory location, 2.1.4
Oracle I/PM. See Imaging
Oracle IRM
configuring, 9
keystore, 9.1.2
SSL, 3.8
creating keystore,
credential store configuration,
identity store configuration, 9.3
installing, 2.2.2, 2.4
keystore configuration issues, F.2.2
one-way SSL, 3.8.2,
overview, 1.1
policy store configuration,
postinstallation configuration, 9.1
Server URL configuration parameter, 9.1.1
single sign-on, 9.4
SSL configuration, 3.8
starting Managed Server, 10.2
validating installation, 9.2
Oracle IRM Desktop
authentication, configuring, 3.11.1
installation, 1.1
Oracle Software Delivery Cloud downloads,
Oracle Technology Network
software downloads,
Supported System Configurations page, 2.1.5
Oracle Text 11g, patch for Oracle Database, 4.5.1
Oracle UCM. See WebCenter Content
Oracle Universal Content Management. See WebCenter Content
Oracle Universal Records Management. See Records
Oracle URM Adapter for Content Server, installation and configuration, 4.13
Oracle URM. See Records
Oracle Virtual Directory, 3.9, 3.9
Oracle Web Services Manager
MDS schema, 3.14.2
security, 3.14
Oracle WebCenter Capture, 7
Oracle WebCenter Content, 1.1
applications, 1.1
configuration screens, B
configuring, 3
deinstallation procedure, 11.4
directory structure, 1.3
installation, 2.4, 2.4.2, 3.14.1
in Oracle Fusion Middleware, 2
procedure, 2.4.2
screens, A
Microsoft SQL Server configuration, 4.3.6
postinstallation configuration, 4.2
preparing for configuration, 3.1
repository for Imaging, 6.1.1
schemas, 1.2, 1.2, 2.2.2
starting Managed Servers, 10.2
uninstalling, 11, 11.4
verifying installation and configuration, 10, 10.6
Visual C++ package for Windows operating system, 3.7.3
Oracle WebCenter Content. See also WebCenter Content
Oracle WebCenter Content Server. See Content Server
Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging. See Imaging
Oracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery. See Inbound Refinery
Oracle WebCenter Content: Records. See Records
Oracle WebLogic Server
creating domain, 3.2
domain structure,
extending domain, 3.3, 3.3, 3.4
installation, 3.14.1
installation module,
installing, 2.3
procedure for creating domain, 3.2
Administration Server, 10.1
Managed Servers, 10.2
Oracle WSM policies
applying to web services,
securing web services with, 3.14.5
Oracle WSM Policy Manager, 3.14.3
Oracle WSM. See Oracle Web Services Manager
OracleTextSearch, 4.9.4
configuration, Content Server, 4.5
using with Records, 8.3
outgoing provider from Content Server to Inbound Refinery,
Outside In Technology
environment variables, 3.7
UNIX platform, 3.7.1
Windows operating system, 3.7.3


parameters, Java VM memory, 3.5.1
passwords, keystore,
patches, Oracle Text 11g with Oracle Database, 4.5.1
PDFExportConverter, enabling in Inbound Refinery,
policy store, configuring for Oracle IRM,
defaults, 3.2
listen ports, 3.2
ranges for Managed Servers, 3.2
SSL ports, 3.2
postinstallation configuration
Imaging, 6.1
Inbound Refinery, 5.1, 5.2.1
Oracle IRM, 9.1
Records, 8.1
WebCenter Content, 4.2
preparing for installation, 2.1
Prerequisite Checks screen, A.3
project metadata, 4.9.2
InstanceDescription, 4.3.2
InstanceMenuLabel, 4.3.2


RCU. See Repository Creation Utility
reassociating identity store
external LDAP, 3.9
Oracle Internet Directory, 3.9.1
rebuilding the search index, 4.9.6, 4.9.6
OracleTextSearch, 8.3
overview, 8
OracleTextSearch, 8.3
overview, 1.1
postinstallation configuration, 8.1
search engine, OracleTextSearch, 8.3
setup checklist, 8.1.2, 8.1.2
redeploying JSP support, 4.9.5
registry file, E.1.4
removing Oracle home directories, 11.4.1, 11.4.2
connecting Imaging to, 6.1.3
Repository Creation Utility
creating database schemas,, 2.2.1
compatibility, 2.1.5
dropping schemas, 11.3
installation module,
Linux operating system,
Select Components screen, 2.2.2
starting, 11.3.1
Windows operating system,
restarting Managed Servers, 10.3
roadmap, installation, 1.2
root access, Preface
RSA algorithm,
run issues for Inbound Refinery, F.3


creating, 2.2
dropping, 11.3, 11.3.2
Oracle WebCenter Content, 1.2, 1.2
Oracle WSM MDS, 3.14.2
Repository Creation Utility,
configuration, B
deinstallation, C
installation, A
search index, 4.9.6, 4.9.6
searching, OracleTextSearch, Records, 8.3
securing web services, 3.14.5
Select Domain Source screen, B.1
Select Extension Source screen, B.2
Server Socket Port, 3.14.4
Server URL configuration parameter for Oracle IRM, 9.1.1
setting environment variables, Outside In Technology, 3.7
setting up a keystore,
Setup Checklist page, completing for Records, 8.1.2
setup checklists, Records, 8.1.2
setup issues for Inbound Refinery, F.3
silent installation, D
single sign-on
configuring for Oracle IRM, 9.4
Oracle Access Manager, 9.4
Site Studio
configuring, 4.9
enabling, 4.9, 4.9.1
metadata fields, 4.9.4
SiteStudioExternalApplications, 4.9
SiteStudioExternalApplications component, 4.9.1
software downloads
Oracle Software Delivery Cloud,
Oracle Technology Network,
Oracle WebCenter Content, 1.2.2
Specify Installation Location screen, A.4
configuring for Oracle IRM, 3.8
configuring for production environment, 3.8.1
one-way, 3.8.2,
setting for development environment, 3.8.2,
SSL environment, extending a domain, 3.4
standalone applications, 4.8
database root CA certificate, importing into keystore, 4.8
external database provider configuration, 4.5.2
JDBC Driver configuration, 4.7
Administration Server, 10.1
Imaging, 10.2
installer, 2.4.1
Managed Servers, 6.1.2, 10.2
Node Manager, 10.4
Oracle IRM, 10.2
Repository Creation Utility, 11.3.1
startup parameters, setting with Administration Console, 3.5.1
stopping Oracle Fusion Middleware, 11.2
SysAdminAddress, 4.3.2
system administrator email address, 4.3.2
system configurations supported, 2.1.5
System Properties Utility, 4.7
system requirements, 2.1.3, 2.1.3
system security, resetting for Imaging
resetting system security, 6.3


third-party LDAP server, 3.9
topology, 1.3
additional help, F.4
Imaging errors, connection to WebCenter Content 11g, F.2.3
Inbound Refinery
login errors, F.3.1
runtime errors, F.3.2
Inbound Refinery problems, F.3
information, F
tips, F.1
TrueType fonts, 3.6.1


uninstalling Oracle WebCenter Content
procedure, 11.4
tasks, 11
uninstalling Oracle WebCenter Content overview, 11.1
UNIX operating system, fonts for National Language Support, 3.6
UNIX platforms, libraries
environment variables, 3.7.2
Outside In Technology, 3.7.1
URM. See Records
USER_MEM_ARGS Environment Variable, 3.5.2
users, adding, Oracle Internet Directory, 3.10


verifying installation and configuration, 10, 10.6
Visual C++ package for Windows operating system, 3.7.3


web client
Imaging, 6.1.2
web layout, disabling for Imaging,
web server name, 4.3.2, 5.2.1
web services
applying Oracle WSM policies,
securing, 3.14.5
WebCenter Content
configuration, 4
configuring full-text features, 6.2
configuring to work with Imaging,
repository for Imaging, 6.1.3
WebCenter Content user interface, 12.1
configuring server connections, E.1.4
Welcome screen
deinstallation, C.1
installation, A.1
Windows Native Authentication, configuring, 3.11.3
workflow server, connecting Imaging to, 6.1.4
WSM. See Oracle Web Services Manager


zone fields, 4.9.4
full-text indexing, 4.9.4
OracleTextSearch, 4.9.4