Class DataSource<R extends DataSourceRuntime,C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>>

  extended by com.endeca.cas.extension.PipelineComponent<R,C>
      extended by com.endeca.cas.extension.DataSource<R,C>

public abstract class DataSource<R extends DataSourceRuntime,C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>>
extends PipelineComponent<R,C>

A CAS extension for acquiring data from a data source. Implementations must be annotated with the CasDataSource annotation and have a zero argument constructor.

CAS creates exactly one instance of the DataSource at start-up time and will call createDataSourceRuntime to create a runtime object each time an acquisition is started.

See Also:
CasDataSource, DataSourceRuntime, PipelineComponentConfiguration

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  R createDataSourceRuntime(C configuration, PipelineComponentRuntimeContext context)
          Creates a runtime instance of this extension.
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Constructor Detail


public DataSource()
Method Detail


public abstract R createDataSourceRuntime(C configuration,
                                          PipelineComponentRuntimeContext context)
                                                             throws PipelineInitializationException
Creates a runtime instance of this extension.

configuration - the configuration to be used in the new runtime
context - the context to use in the new runtime
a new instance of a DataSourceRuntime
PipelineInitializationException - if creation of the DataSourceRuntime failed.

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