Package com.endeca.cas.extension

Provides a framework for creating CAS extensions.


Interface Summary
BinaryContentFileProvider An interface for DataSourceRuntimes to provide access to a record's binary content via the file system.
BinaryContentInputStreamProvider An interface for DataSourceRuntimes to provide access to a record's binary content via an InputStream.
BinaryContentProvider Base interface for DataSourceRuntimes that can access binary content in source systems.
ErrorChannel The ErrorChannel provides methods for discarding records that are deemed invalid.
IncrementalDataSourceRuntime Interface that can be implemented by a DataSourceRuntime that handles its own incremental acquisitions (in contrast with CAS handling the incremental acquisition).
OutputChannel Provides an interface for outputting records after they have been created or processed.
PipelineComponentContext A context that is shared by the PipelineComponent, its Configuration, and its Runtime.
PipelineComponentRuntimeContext The PipelineComponentRuntimeContext provides interfaces for outputting records, logging, and obtaining additional information about the context in which the associated PipelineComponentRuntime is running.

Class Summary
DataSource<R extends DataSourceRuntime,C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>> A CAS extension for acquiring data from a data source.
DataSourceRuntime The runtime representation of a data source instance.
InstanceId A unique identifier for a particular instance of a data source or manipulator in a pipeline.
Manipulator<R extends ManipulatorRuntime,C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>> A CAS extension for manipulating data during the acquisition process.
ManipulatorRuntime The runtime representation of a manipulator instance.
PipelineComponent<R extends PipelineComponentRuntime,C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>> Base class for any CAS pipeline components.
PipelineComponentConfiguration<C extends PipelineComponentConfiguration<C>> The configuration of a PipelineComponent instance in a pipeline.
PipelineComponentRuntime The runtime representation of a pipeline component.
ValidationFailure A PipelineComponentConfiguration validation failure.

Enum Summary
AcquisitionEndState Indicates the state of the acquisition process when it ended.
AcquisitionMode A type of acquisition.

Exception Summary
ExecutionException Signals that a non-fatal failure has occurred during execution of pipeline processing.
FatalExecutionException Signals that a fatal exception has occurred during pipeline processing.
FullAcquisitionRecoveryRequiredException Throwing this exception during PipelineComponentRuntime.endAcquisition(AcquisitionEndState) signals to CAS that the state kept by a IncrementalDataSourceRuntime cannot be recovered.
PipelineComponentException Base class for pipeline component exceptions.
PipelineInitializationException An exception that indicates a problem during the initialization of the pipeline.
PipelineStoppedException Exception indicating that pipeline processing has been aborted by the user.

Package com.endeca.cas.extension Description

Provides a framework for creating CAS extensions. Extensions include custom data sources and custom manipulators.

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