Class DataSourceRuntime

  extended by com.endeca.cas.extension.PipelineComponentRuntime
      extended by com.endeca.cas.extension.DataSourceRuntime

public abstract class DataSourceRuntime
extends PipelineComponentRuntime

The runtime representation of a data source instance. A new instance of a DataSourceRuntime is created for every acquisition.

The general life cycle of a DataSourceRuntime is:

  1. The DataSourceRuntime is created by DataSource.createDataSourceRuntime(PipelineComponentConfiguration, PipelineComponentRuntimeContext).
  2. If all data sources and manipulators return false from checkFullAcquisitionRequired() IncrementalDataSourceRuntime.runIncrementalAcquisition() is called to output the records from the data source, otherwise runFullAcquisition() is called to output the records from the data source.
  3. PipelineComponentRuntime.endAcquisition(AcquisitionEndState) is called to clean up any resources used by the runtime.

Subclasses must be thread-safe. The CAS Server will invoke methods on this class from multiple-threads and potentially concurrently. Access to any mutable state must be properly synchronized.

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Constructor Summary
DataSourceRuntime(PipelineComponentRuntimeContext context)
Method Summary
abstract  void runFullAcquisition()
          Runs a full acquisition from the data source.
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Constructor Detail


public DataSourceRuntime(PipelineComponentRuntimeContext context)
Method Detail


public abstract void runFullAcquisition()
                                 throws FatalExecutionException
Runs a full acquisition from the data source. Implementations should output Records using the OutputChannel obtained from the PipelineComponentRuntimeContext. This method is invoked once for a given acquisition.

Any Exceptions thrown from this method, including RuntimeExceptions, cause the acquisition to fail.

FatalExecutionException - If the DataSourceRuntime detects an error that should cause the acquisition to abort.
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