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Oracle® Endeca Platform Services Documentation


Release 6.1.x of Oracle Endeca Platform Services delivers a set of infrastructure enhancements to the Platform Services components of the Oracle Endeca Information Access Platform. These enhancements include support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system platform, and upgrades to the internal Java infrastructure of the Platform Services product. In addition, the release includes a collection of bug fixes which are described in detail in the release notes.



  • Advanced JDBC Column Handler Release Notes HTML TXT
  • Advanced JDBC Column Handler Usage Guide HTML PDF
  • Platform Services Release Notes HTML TXT
  • Content Adapter Developer's Guide HTML PDF
  • Control System Guide HTML PDF
  • Data Foundry Expression Reference HTML PDF
  • Application Controller Guide HTML PDF
  • Forge API Guide for Perl HTML PDF
  • Forge Guide HTML PDF
  • Log Server and Report Generator Guide HTML PDF
  • Migration Guide HTML PDF
  • Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Relationship Discovery Guide HTML PDF
  • Platform Services Security Guide HTML PDF
  • XML Reference HTML PDF
  • Platform Services CADK API Reference HTML PDF
  • Developer Studio Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Developer Studio Help HTML PDF
  • Developer Studio Release Notes TXT