Copying and Creating Package Repositories in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Resuming an Interrupted Package Receive

If the pkgrecv operation is interrupted, use the -c option to retrieve content that was already downloaded and resume the content download. The value of cache_dir is supplied in an informational message when the transfer is interrupted, as shown in the following example:

PROCESS                    ITEMS       GET (MB)        SEND (MB)
pkgrecv: http protocol error: code: 503 reason: Service Unavailable
URL: '

pkgrecv: Cached files were preserved in the following directory:
Use pkgrecv -c to resume the interrupted download.
$ pkgrecv -c /var/tmp/pkgrecv-fOGaIg \
-s -d /export/IPSpkgrepos/Solaris_tmp \
--key /path/to/ssl_key --cert /path/to/ssl_cert '*'
Processing packages for publisher solaris ...
Retrieving and evaluating 156 package(s)...