Copying and Creating Package Repositories in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Modifying Repository Property Values

Viewing Repository Publisher Properties shows that the repository name and description property values are not set for the solaris publisher in the local repository. If this repository is available from an HTTP interface and you use a browser to view the content of this repository, you see a default name and no description. After you set these values, the publisher repository/name value is displayed near the top of the page and as the page title, and the publisher repository/description value is displayed in the About section just below the name. You must use the -p option to specify at least one publisher when you set these values. If this repository contains content from more than one publisher, you can set different values for each publisher, or you can specify -p all.

$ pkgrepo set -p solaris -s /export/IPSpkgrepos/Solaris \
repository/description="Local copy of the Oracle Solaris 11 repository." \
repository/name="Oracle Solaris 11"
$ pkgrepo get -p solaris -s /export/IPSpkgrepos/Solaris repository/name repository/description
solaris   repository description      Local\ copy\ of\ the\ Oracle\ Solaris\ 11\ repository.
solaris   repository name             Oracle\ Solaris\ 11