Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: December 2014

Migrating a Kernel Zone by Using Suspend and Resume

You can migrate a kernel zone to another host by using the zoneadm suspend command. For zone migrations, a zone configuration must be portable across machines. For example, you cannot use a zvol on the source host.

A zone source and destination must be on the same platform for a zone migration. On x86 systems, the vendor as well as the CPU revision must be identical. On SPARC, the hardware platform must be the same. For example, you cannot migrate a kernel zone from a T4 host to a T3 host.

Note -  To prevent loss of the encryption key during a kernel zone migration, use the zonecfg export command on the source system to generate a command file to be used on the destination system. For example, to generate a command file for a zone migrated from global1 to global2:
global1# zonecfg -z kzone1 export -f /net/.../kzone1.cfg
global2# zonecfg -z kzone1 -f /net/.../kzone1.cfg

See Kernel Zone Host Data and Host ID for additional information.