Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: December 2014

Configuring and Customizing Kernel Zone Resources

Zone resources are mechanisms for managing machine, system, and CPU resources. Resources are set when planning a zone configuration. Note that some resources on the kernel zone differ from what is available in solaris and solaris10 zones. For example, there is no support for the max-processes, fs-allowed, and ip-type resources in solaris-kz zones.

This section describes how to configure resources to add additional support for the following components:

You use the zonecfg command on the global zone to set or to modify kernel zone resources.

Note -  You must be the global administrator or a user with appropriate authorization in the global zone to use the zonecfg command.

See About Resources in Zones in Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zones and the solaris-kz(5) man page for additional information about kernel zone resources.