What's New in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker

The Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker version 11.2 bundles the following three tools:

  1. Application Readiness Checker Tool – Enables you to determine the readiness of an Oracle Solaris 11 application by analyzing a working application on Oracle Solaris 10. A successful check with this tool is a strong indicator that an application will run on Oracle Solaris 11 without modifications.

  2. Kernel Compliance Checker Tool – Checks for the compliance of kernel modules or device drivers in Oracle Solaris 11.2. This tool analyzes source code or binaries of the device driver and reports any potential compliance issues.

  3. Application Analyzer Tool – Checks the application for suboptimal coding, implementation practices, and usage of specific Oracle Solaris features. It also recommends a better way of implementing the same code in Oracle Solaris. This tool analyzes application processes and source code, and generates a recommendation report.

For more information, see the Oracle Solaris Preflight Application Checker web site.