What's New in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 18.1

The Oracle Validation Test Suite (Oracle VTS) is a comprehensive hardware diagnostic tool that tests and validates the connectivity and functionality of most controllers and devices on Oracle platforms. Oracle VTS tests are targeted for each hardware component or function in a system. Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 18.1 has significant enhancements to processor, power, power management, memory, and input and output diagnostics. The modified VTS kernel logs the system information of the test server and provides periodic test status summary reports for every test execution.

For the list of enhancements in Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 18.1, see Oracle VTS 7.0 Patch Set 18 Software Release Notes and Oracle VTS 7.0 Software User’s Guide.