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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Overview

Chapter 2 Status

Chapter 3 Initial Configuration

Chapter 4 Network Configuration

Chapter 5 Storage Configuration

Chapter 6 Storage Area Network Configuration

Chapter 7 User Configuration

Chapter 8 Setting ZFSSA Preferences

Chapter 9 Alert Configuration

Chapter 10 Cluster Configuration

Chapter 11 ZFSSA Services

Chapter 12 Shares, Projects, and Schema

Chapter 13 Replication

Chapter 14 Shadow Migration

Chapter 15 CLI Scripting

Chapter 16 Maintenance Workflows

Using Workflows

Workflow Execution Context

Workflow Parameters

Constrained Parameters

Optional Parameters

Workflow Error Handling

Workflow Input validation

Workflow Execution Auditing

Workflow Execution Reporting


Appliance Versioning

Workflow Versioning

Workflows as Alert Actions

Alert Action Execution Context

Auditing Slert Actions

Using Scheduled Workflows

Using the CLI

Coding the Schedule

Example: device type selection



Downloading workflows

Viewing workflows

Executing workflows

Chapter 17 Integration


Chapter 16

Maintenance Workflows

A workflow is a Chapter 15, CLI Scripting that is uploaded to and managed by the ZFSSA by itself. Workflows can be parameterized and executed in a first-class fashion from either the browser interface or the command line interface. Workflows may also be optionally executed as Chapter 9, Alert Configuration or at a designated time. As such, workflows allow for the ZFSSA to be extended in ways that capture specific policies and procedures, and can be used (for example) to formally encode best practices for a particular organization or application.