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Troubleshooting Network Administration Issues in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Troubleshooting Custom Network Configuration Applications During an Installation

In this Oracle Solaris release, you can arbitrarily supply customized network configuration for datalinks, flows, IP interfaces, protocol tunables, and static routes during an installation with the Automated Installer (AI) by specifying various parameters in a system configuration profile. To help guide this process, examples are provided in /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles. SMF template data for the relevant services is also provided.

If any portion of the configuration within the file is misspecified, the parameter (for example, a datalink) might not be configured correctly after the installation. Errors that are encountered during the installation process are logged in the /var/adm/messages directory.

    An erroneous specification could be the result of one or both of the following:

  • Incorrect property type

  • Invalid configuration

    An example of an invalid configuration would be a VNIC that is configured over a non-existent datalink, or a datalink other than an IP tunnel that is specified within a non-global zone.

Use the following commands to determine whether there are any datalink or IP network configuration errors:

# svccfg -v validate network/datalink-management:default
# svccfg -v validate network/ip-interface-mangement:default

For more information about this feature, see Chapter 3, Working With System Configuration Profiles in Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles.