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Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2019

CUPS Print Administration Tasks

    Common print administration tasks that you can perform by using the CUPS web browser interface include the following:

  • Customizing a print server setup

  • Pointing a print client to a common print server

  • Setting up and managing directly-attached printers and printer classes on servers

  • Setting up and managing remote printers and printer classes on servers

  • Managing print jobs from print clients

When you first access the CUPS web browser interface at http://localhost:631, you see the Home tab. From this tab, you can access all of the print administration tasks, which are grouped together by category, as well as the full set of CUPS documentation.

    The following tabs are displayed on the web browser interface's main web page:

  • Administration – Enables you to access most print administration tasks, including CUPS server configuration.

    You can directly access the Administration section of the web browser interface by going to http://localhost:631/admin.

  • Classes – Enables you to search printer classes.

    CUPS provides collections of printers, which are called printer classes. Print jobs that are sent to a class are forwarded to the first available printer in that class. Classes can be members of other classes. Therefore, you can define very large, distributed printer classes for high-availability printing.

  • Documentation – Enables you to access the CUPS documentation, which includes manuals, system administration documentation, FAQs, and online help.

  • Jobs – Enables you to view and manage print jobs for configured printers.

  • Printers – Enables you to view information about and modify the settings of a specified printer.