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Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2019

CUPS Print Management Tools

    In Oracle Solaris, printing is managed through the following tools:

  • CUPS command-line utilities – These commands include new CUPS print commands, as well as some print commands that were previously used by the LP print service.

  • CUPS web browser interface – Go to http://localhost:631.

CUPS provides various commands to set up printers and make those printers accessible to systems on the network. In addition, CUPS supports several printer-specific options that enable you to control printer configuration. The following table lists frequently used CUPS commands.

Note -  Some CUPS command names are the same as legacy LP print commands, but the behavior of commands under CUPS management might be different.
Table 1  CUPS Command-Line Utilities
Command and Man Page
cancel (1)
Cancels a print request
cupsaccept (8)
Enables queueing of print requests to the named destinations
cupsdisable (8)
Disables the named printers or classes
cupsenable (8)
Enables the named printers or classes
cupsreject (8)
Rejects queueing of print requests to the named destinations
lp (1)
Submits a print request
lpadmin (8)
Sets up or changes a printer or class configuration
lpc (8)
Provides limited control over CUPS print and class queues
lpinfo (8)
Shows available devices or drivers known to the CUPS server
lpmove (8)
Moves a specified job or all jobs to a new destination
lpoptions (1)
Displays or sets printer options and defaults
lpq (1)
Shows the current print queue status
lpr (1)
Submits a print request
lprm (1)
Cancels print jobs that have been queued for printing
lpstat (1)
Displays the status information for queues and requests