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Working With DHCP in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

SMF Services Used by the DHCP Service


Contains the config/debug and config/verbose SMF properties to enable debug logging of the dhcpagent daemon.

svc:/network/dhcp/server:ipv4 and svc:/network/dhcp/server:ipv6

Contain information for the ISC DHCP service.

svc:/network/dhcp/relay:ipv4 and svc:/network/dhcp/relay:ipv6

Contain information for the service that can relay DHCP or BOOTP requests to a remote ISC DHCP server.


Contains information used to resolve DNS queries. During DHCP server configuration, this SMF service is consulted for information about the DNS domain and DNS server.


Specifies the location of name service databases and the order in which to search name services for various kinds of information. This service provides accurate configuration information when you configure a DHCP service.