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Working With DHCP in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Files Used by the DHCP Service

/etc/inet/dhcpd4.conf and /etc/inet/dhcpd6.conf

ISC DHCP only: Contain configuration information for the ISC DHCP server, dhcpd. For more information, see the dhcpd.conf (7) man page.

/var/dhcp/interface.dhc and /var/dhcp/interface.dh6

Contain the configuration parameters that are obtained from DHCP for the given network interface. For DHCPv4 the filename ends with dhc. For DHCPv6, the filename ends with dh6.

The dhcpagent daemon caches the current configuration information in /var/dhcp/interface.dhc when the interface's IP address lease is dropped. For example, if DHCP is used on the qe0 interface, the dhcpagent daemon caches the configuration information in /var/dhcp/qe0.dhc. The next time DHCP starts on the interface, the DHCP client requests to use the cached configuration if the lease has not expired. If the DHCP server denies the request, the client begins the standard process for DHCP lease negotiation.

/var/db/isc-dhcp/dhcp4.leases and /var/db/isc-dhcp/dhcp6.leases

ISC DHCP only: List leases for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers.